Letsgetstaking.com (LGS)


@lothendriel and I are proud to announce our most recent project.

Designed to be a general resource for POS coins, LGS is hosting sets of quick start packs for several POS coins with more to come. These “quickstart” packs include a recent bootstrap to get people up and running as quickly as possible. They also include the exe and a batch file to run the wallet from any location.
Links to those packs can be found here http://letsgetstaking.com/bootstrap-files/

LGS will also offer purchase of ANY POS coin via fiat methods. $ amounts per person/day/week will be kept very low to help prevent fraud attempts. A small heads up, we will be doing basic KYC, name+address to make sure that we are covered if the three letter agencies come knocking.
We will also be launching a new POS backed asset/pool in the coming days/weeks once the site is fully functional.

The site is still a bit of a WIP, but as per normal Modus Operandi I am posting this here now to get some feedback and let people start kicking the tires a bit, help us iron out any kinks.

Introducing Coloredcoin.io

THIS is a good move.


I am 99% sure that the boostraps will work, but if people will grab them and test them out, I would be most appreciative.


Since I need to download several POS wallets to my laptop I’m going to test them for you this weekend. I wasn’t much looking forward to having to download multiple whole blockchains.

On that subject, every time I tried to use the Potcoin one it failed, did you ever have that problem, or was it likely something on my end?

edit better add, kudos on the design, it’s looking blimin superb :slight_smile:


I don’t remember, I think I might have bootstrapped from the one they provided but it got hammered so hard when they launched it that it took a long time to DL. I do remember having to rescan and reindex when upgrading to the POSv version of POTcoin-qt.


Nice to see someone is finally using bittorrent sync. One suggestion though make several different syncs one per bootstrap file it’s just wasted bandwidth to download all those files when you only want one.


I like this idea. The one folder with all of them in it makes for a shitload of data synced at one time on your computer


You should be able to tell it not to download certain files, but I will go ahead and make each folder its own link.


Ah ha, I figured as I was looking that that was the case here.

I’ll second (or third) that motion, being able to pick out the specific ones you want will be handy. Damned good starting point though :slight_smile:


Well it’s the first project I see that is using bittorrent sync. I use it internally to sync some data between several machines and a server. They even have a binary that runs on IOMega NAS. Have not looked at the latest binary’s and functionality.


I believe you’ve spoken to Skrill in this matter?


I will be operating it with personal accounts, not as a full business entity. I won’t be happy taking skrill, but I will have it as an option. They charge a 4.99$ fee to ach to your bank account, so it may not be an option in the beginning.
So that people understand the way I am doing this, orders will be via a contact us form and I will be responding with payment methods, I am not going to even attempt to get setup with a payment processor with crypto and fiats current relationship.


Header links work.
At first glance, mostly cosmetic stuff.

Shrink your LGS logo or have it be off to the side so it doesn’t interfere with the main content of the page while scrolling.
Scroll over is nice, fluid, and fancy. Limit your word choice and details with them to avoid over-lapping like I’m showing in the middle example. People generally know what a wallet and shop storefront are, no need for a lengthy description. :smile:


Y U NO CREDIT cyberpinoy with the idea?


Bootstraps are great. Please consider adding some kind of FAQ/howto/links with basic security practices - backup your private keys etc. You know someone will inevitably format their hard drive and get a nasty surprise when they realize their “bank” is gone with all their coins.

“many other retailers except” should be “accept”.

More nitpicking to follow.


WIP :wink: Thanks for the suggestions. You’ll see a change on the site every few minutes or so if you have nothing better to do. LOL


That’s a great idea as well. I will add this at some point :smile:

Man you all are the ■■■■! Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


We’re all @suchmoon ?


T-I-T-S LOL. American for “Golly Gee you all are swell!”


Ah crap, all my sock puppet accounts got exposed…


I work very closely with Skrill and unless you get their explicit permission to use their “merchant” API (aka their API checkout either coded or for example the woo-commerce plugin) you’re not only violating their terms of service put you’re also putting your funds at risk of being frozen and ultimately seized.

Having said that, Skrill does not approve merchant accounts for crypto based companies.