List of sites no longer paying and the ones that are


I have tried a few sites and only 2 are still paying if you would like to add to my list it would be great,


  • GetHashing
  • HashNest (paying on all contracts)
  • Bitcoincloudservices
  • Bit from the Block (payed every week)

Tango down, not paying:

  • LTC Gear (No payment since 19th Dec)
  • Hashie (Went missing but I have frost coins if anyone wants them)
  • Genesis Scrypt mining ( No payments for 14 days - I am saying gone)
  • Zeus Scrypt (I did not buy but it is gone)
  • Any Havelock investment (site down for 10 days)

So out of 5 I invested in only 2 are standing, the strange thing is that they are the only 2 that have full disclosure of Business address, business registration, support phone number. It goes to show that we need to be very careful in the future. By the way I did ROI on LTC gear as I bought in August so I have all my money and a small profit


Ltcgear hasn’t paid since the 12th.


I got paid on the 19th so did others, some didn’t


I can confirm that I also got paid for the 19th though it actually paid out for me on the 23rd.


I’m now missing 6 weeks of payments and roughly 60BTC. SUCKS because even if I get paid I’ve lost 45% of the value. I won’t complain when I get paid however.


@bubbamark thanks for that post

I had just said to someone else “the frustration out there is not just GAW…”. anyway, you’re lucky that you still got 2 standing I’ve got 1 standing and that’s 100 GH AMHash moved over from Hashie cause the rest was Hashie Gen1 so…magic! :boom: aaaand gone :slight_smile:

Confirmed. @bubbamark I know a couple o people that haven’t been paid since the 12th.

Btw ZeusHash is probably closing down all cloud hashing not just scrypt

Edit: I like how topics get linked :+1:


AMHash is still paying
HavelockInvesting is still paying


I looked at Havelock a few times and I just don’t get the shares thing. If you buy let’s say 500 GH worth of shares, can you do a transfer to AMHash?


I’m guessing that you probably cannot, but I would ask AMHash. Havelock and Hashie had shares before AMHash had a way to buy directly.


I thought I had read something that there was a form similar to the Hashie form to request a transfer. But maybe not. So much has been going on in the last few weeks is hard to keep track.


Chabatmining is on the watch list, haven’t paid out since 13th of January.

I am still getting paid for my scrypt MH/S on Genesis mining.


Hashprofit no payment
Chabatmining no payment


Cointellect stopped paying large accounts. Last payment was 1/23/2015… Owed €200+…


@bubbamark you should split your list in two. paying / not paying :wink:


They announced good news though - you can withdraw now with a limit. My limit is €0.0195 but unfortunately the minimum withdrawal amount is €0.1… you couldn’t make this stuff up.


AMHash seems to be stopping payments. I’ve had a withdrawal on hold for over a week now and NO answers from support.


Genesis BTC Mining still paying

Zeushash BTC mining still paying - but got the email saying it may shutdown. is still paying - I stopped re investing… something about them is off to me.

I still have my gen / zen haslets at zencloud. I paid way to much to let them go and just out of sheer curiosity to see what “he/it” does with them

Edit: Havelock site still down. no longer getting dividend email’s either.


Kinda, I’ve received one payout of like 5,000 satoshi the other day after not having received anything since early December and haven’t received anything since the last payment either.


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GAW has been removed from the list because technically they are not mining.


Intresting, I get a daily payout. Haven’t missed one yet since I signed up in December.