Look at my ASSets grow!


Now if my Bitcoin would just grow that big too. Might need to buy some more GHcoin.


What is the Shopkins?


That’s what I was going to ask too?



Little toys that my daughter loves. There’s a lot of YouTube videos of people playing with them. My daughter loves the videos and toys so I created an asset about them. It’s just really something to show her on the computer. Nothing really.

YouTube (look at how many views, it’s insane):


So whats the price I love to expand my collection.


I like the 0.01 BTC number you had. The number of each SPK is the same number of Shopkins for that season, in case you were wondering why there were different random numbers for each SPK.


Can you add the crowd sales addresses to the OP maybe some other people are interested too.


Also If you do crow sales you will have to decide if you want to pay the fees for doing so when you send out the coins.


That’s great! Playful way for crypto adoption and everything that comes with it. :+1:

You should move your assets to GHcloud though :wink:




No need really. Just open a ghcloud account and in settings add your asset addresses comma separated and you will enjoy the functionality like total dividend payouts etc.


Been meaning to, but just haven’t. Will do after lunch.


So here’s the Shopkins Coin if anyone is interested:


I set up an account. I’ll move stuff around tomorrow or this weekend.


No real need to move them. You can leave them in the coinprism account and just add your address to the settings that is enough to take advantage of all the ghcloud features


That’s what it looked like. Thanks for all the help.