Looking for an MMO change


Alright guys, I’m on WoW way too much and think it’s time to branch out. I’ve narrowed it down to SWTOR and FF XIV and leaning towards SWTOR but the free to play feature seems incredibly restricted. Oh and I’ll probably have a group of 3 others to play with. Suggestions?





Got that right, dang it Goroz you’re in Crypto might wanna look around :wink:


I still play Diablo II LOD…


I’m playing Bittrex atm, and am having good fun hunting Dash. When it gets back to 0.0126, I might snipe some more.

Also, sadly I’m far too busy with non-crypto work (setting up R&D project proposals, innovation with cities, restructuring a foundation), but when I find blocks of 4 hours and more, I plan on paying two games: graph visualisation, and automated portfolio management.

Best games in town:D


Ha ha yeah those games tend to kill my brain more than I’d like to admit XD


I’m afraid I’m not much use discussing your other types of games;)


I started Path of Exile again last night.


I burned out on EVE and gave my corp all 3 Titans, (with the understanding that they are only on loan).

World of Tanks is full of EPIC fail players now.

Firefly Online is starting up soon, I have a Big Damn Hero account on there, looking forward to that.

I have been in Star Trek Online a bit lately and am enjoying the changes they made there, they took out some of the time-sinks so you can get to actual content, though mining is still a PITA.


Is firefly online on your phone?


You can get it for Android. https://keepflying.com/


I have an extremely difficult time figuring that one out. I’ve tried to play it a couple of time, and after about 10 minutes I finally just go wtf? and quit.


I had the same problem, finally i sat down, watched some beginner guuides, and killed 30 minutes and then started playing, and it made a bit more sense


Now we know @nemesio is lying… He can’t read!!!


All you youngsters and your frilly graphic games… give me a MUD any day of the week.


@nemesio Yeah I try to get into it but just can’t stick with it long enough somehow. Think the dungeon crawlers just bore me after a while.

@DumbRedneck Yeah think I’m going more into a simple category since I forgot to mention the fiancee and my neighbors wife will be playing too ha ha. So swtor seems the most simple, or WoW of course, but trying to figure out if the price point of FF XIV is even justified. Although I might look into Firefly.


OooO, MUDS!!! Realms of Despair used to be my main one… A few decades ago… Put thousands of hours in that.

Edit - Then I hit a death trap with my main toon and lost all my equipment from the past few years… I quit after that… Stupid ass death traps.


Sorry - I go clear back to the Rogue and Nethack days.
[spoiler]A potion of confusion and a scroll of teleport for the win.[/spoiler]

Sigh. The entire Zork franchise. Early graphics games like Myst. UFO. Masters of Orion. Master of Magic…

I miss those good old days…


I think Zork was the last game I played without cheating.


Hard to believe that I’ve been playing Diablo 2 for 15 years straight now. I can put together a level 82 sorceress solo in about three days, playing hardcore ladder on the realms.

You probably wouldn’t believe how many mice I’ve pounded into little bits of plastic over the years after a character I’ve spent weeks building dies due to lag…