Looking for hosting for some s4's


I bought 4 s4’s from Gaw and am looking for hosting in the US. My DC here wants to charge me $135/s4 monthly. I would like pdu control as well as remote access to the miners. Thanks.


@Toddimus might be able to help out. :wink:


I am going to have this available very soon. I am signing on feb 7th for my equipment as well. ill check back with you then. add me


I looked at this. Tank and I don’t have a formal data center setup, so no pdu control. Otherwise I could probably do something for you.


What access are you offering? Could a customer ship you a small firewall, a PDU, and have their own VPN?


I use a couple:

Although they aren’t much cheaper and there is no PDU control. You can probably discuss custom stuff with them, both are quite flexible.

In fact it looks like Hashnest is cheaper at ~$100 per month AND the miners themselves are a lot cheaper ($400-ish). But of course no control whatsoever, stuck with Antpool.


Thanks, Antpool sucked a few months ago. They were roughly half what GHash was for payouts.

Asicspace might work, thanks for the referral.


Sorry I’m getting back to you so late. If a client supplied the hardware then we could set that up for them/you. Pm me if you interested in going this route.


@Toddimus, thanks for getting back to me. Asicspace wanted $630/month to host 5 S4’s. Sadly with the price of BTC that wouldn’t leave much room for profit. My home electricity wasn’t much more than this.