Maintenance on the Pools 18 January 2015



We will be changing the interface on the pools very shortly - its being tested at the moment :slight_smile: so we will be flipping over in the next two hours.

We will be supporting the following coins



If you have a favourite coin you want to mine then please let us know :slight_smile:

GetHashing Multipool (Updates)


The pool is now going offline


The Pool is back online :smile:

Maintenance finished


Nice work @AnimoEsto. good to see the new coins up. :+1:


I have removed DigitalCoin as it was erroring


Guys, can we make a profit mining any longer with any coins? It sure would be nice to know if it is possible and what a new person to crypto would need to do to make that move.


Yes you can profit mine. We’ll be adding more daemons and you just need to look at coinwarez in the morning and pick the most profitable coin and point your power there. We will not (yet) add profit-switching or auto-exchanging. This will come at a later point for a number of reasons. One of them being Multipools destroying coins.


Well, let me set up a neoscoin wallet and point my tiny bit of hashrate there. I’m currently pointed at a BTCD multipool. Another wallet for the collection - over a hundred now, most of which are dead at this point. Looks like I need to do some cleanup.


I moved 2 posts to an existing topic: Neos Coin

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