Making auto self-repair illegal


Here’s an article based on what I woke up to this morning. I am so angry right now that I can’t even focus.

So let me ask you all this. When? When will it be enough? Will they not be happy until every last living one of us has to crawl, begging at their feet for every ounce of sustenance we need to stay alive? The only reason this is happening is to put more money in the pockets of the manufacturers. You’l HAVE to take your auto to the dealer to get it fixed because independent garages will be closed down and you’ll get arrested in your front yard for changing the god damned oil in your car.

When will enough money be enough?


It’s all about control.

Of course, if everyone ignores them and carries on regardless there’s not much they can do.

Resistance is a moral and ethical obligation :smiley:


I won’t drive their cars then. I am a hippie at heart, I will ride my bike. Something I should probably do anyway, to get back in better shape, reduce my carbon foot print. Anymore, cars are just another tool to track and control the population…and I am no fan of that!

Anyway, isn’t this creating a monopoly in a way? If you can only go to your dealer to get your car repaired, they can charge any price they want as there will be no competition for service.

Also, if you buy a used car off of a private individual, are they then responsible for the repairs to the car, since you bought it from them.

What the hell is the matter with this country?


That’s the problem @Bob they have made us afraid to stand up for ourselves. Any act of rallying against anything is slowly becoming labeled as an act of terrorism and crimes against the state. People are afraid to question and to stand up for what’s right.

I don’t really believe in “The Devil” but if there was one then this world is fast becoming its domain. Good and evil is a choice a man makes for himself without outside influence. And these auto manufacturers are making the choice to take the path of evil.

I think it’s high time people wake the ■■■■ up


Ford Contour

Many things forced you to go to a dealer, for example the battery was flipped and cables were to short to cross. While things could be worked around, it just made me so mad that I switched from Ford & Mazda to Toyota.

Nothing new if they are up to it again.


Well it’s not just FORD. I chose FORD for my little rough cartoon, but it’s actually a collective of 12 different auto manufacturers that are grouping together to try and make this a law. And with US politicians love of money; it could very well happen.

Don’t think for one minute that any politician whether they be Democratic, Republican or whatever flavor sees an auto manfacturer coming into their office with a stack of $100 bills saying “You think you could help us with our cause?” would turn down having their filthy pockets greased.

[EDIT] And the law will be passed with so much smooth talking legal bullshit that most sheeple will be like “Oh they’re just doing it for our own good” and just sit back and take the fuqin with a smile on their faces [EDIT]


I should have read the article you linked before posting! :flushed: Oh well … I spun of on your “you’ll get arrested in your front yard …” line.

As far as modifying software in the car … that is sort of a complex issue.


Well it won’t stop there. It’s not the point of what it’s about. It’s the fact that little by little they’re telling us what we can and can’t do with our own property.

Slowly little by little. “Oh it’s just that they’re talking about” one day will turn into the getting yanked out of your house because you changed out the alternator in your car yourself without consulting a dealer

[EDIT] I may sound extreme but I’d rather stop them at the door before they have a chance to get in my living room. I guess my whole point would be why make it illegal? Why not just say “Listen we don’t recommend it and if you do, go ahead, but know that if you screw something up then your warranty will be invalid and we won’t be able to help you” ? [EDIT]


this pretty much sums up everything that’s wrong with this &*% corporate society. Pretty soon, someone will sell bottled water and tax the air we’re breathing. Hmmmm… hang on a minute…


That’s ok @lothendriel we will continue to work on our cars, carry our guns and smoke our pot and there isn’t anyone with the balls to stop us.


1 down, 1 to go



It’s not quite the same, but “Volvo then made the new seat belt design patent open in the interest of safety and made it available to other car manufacturers for free.” It’s amazing how “patent crazy” the world has become and less focused on the customer. Even freaking medicine. I understand patents can have a very good use. But, just like with everything in life, excess will destroy.


Certainly one way to make moaar money. One day we wont be allowed to wipe our own butt any more. Instead you’ll be required to hire a official and licensed butt wiper.

Side note… Ford sucks anyway.


I might start a butt wiper college to get ahead of the curve XD


Sure not a profession / career I’d like to pursue lol


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This really angered me. There is a disgusting movement to make us all slaves to large corporations and politicians.
This law would be a disaster. Plus all the people that would be put out of business with their repair shops. There has been a slow quiet movement the last decade to open more dealership and manufacturer shops. I bet it was in prep for this. To be able to literally lock everyone in.

They want to close the garden walls like Apple does. What a crock of crap.


And some folks have already made the statement “Oh they’re only talking about trying to self repair the electronic/wiring/computer yourself”.

Good fix for that… If you break it warranty is voided. Why make a law that says you can’t do it? All you would have to do is say that the warranty would be voided and the manufacturer would not be liable for it. Making it illegal to do it makes me think there’s an ulterior motive behind this.

It is also a slap in the face to anyone who does have the knowledge to fix their own vehicle, no matter what part of the system is. Basically it says to me that they deem us too stupid to handle our own ■■■■ and have to babysit us and make a law


I don’t understand how they can pass it though. You are buying the actual product. Microsoft was smart and sold you a license to use Windows, not an actual product. I can see how they could crack down on reselling, but modifying your own should be at your will and void any and all warranties.


well, that’s one of the reasons I like old cars. My Simca 1000 Coupé is a fine example of nice, simple and yet ingenious mechanics that you can teach yourself to understand, maintain and fix.

On the other hand, while I could disassemble and reassemble that engine in a day, I needed to visit the garage the other day, because on my Golf GTI V, I was unable to replace a head light bulb (sad to admit), because I did not have the right tool to do it.

Same for a problem with a door lock that I was able to replace, but incapable of reprogramming in order to work properly, for want of the right diagnostic software and car interface (and also lack of knowledge on how it’s done and no intent on reading the 300+ pages of manuals).

The new cars with all the electronics and special tools required are quite difficult to fix these days, and if you make mistakes or disable the safety measures (as some people do), you run big risks of the electronic assistance systems doing crazy things and making the car unstable in an emergency situation.

So, I can understand the intent of this law, but it should never be applied to ALL types of cars, for all the reasons stated by the previous posters.