Man cuts everything in half and sells on eBay for divorcy


This dude is my new hero!


Btilliant, I’ve heard of people taking such radical steps before, but never in the era of ebay.

Seems fair to me, after all, if a judge has ordered their possesions split 50/50 then he’s merely doing what he’s told & if he’s getting in there before the judge orders it then half of everything is ready for her to collect.

Kudos to the guy. Hope he’s able to rebuild his life :slight_smile:


You know how I know that this was a nasty divorce and the guy got shafted…this.


Hi-Ho Hi-Ho off to jail for contempt of court you go…laughing all the way. :smile:


Don’t think it would be contempt of court. If he was order to split 50/50 all assets, well he’s doing as ordered. May destruction of private property?


The question is:

If it sells on eBay, is it really destruction of property? Someone bought it so it still had value. Maybe partial destruction of property, perhaps?

Either way, very creative solution to probably a long and miserable process.


The real question, how hard is his lawyer laughing at this?


We have to start standing up to the ladies who believe that they are entitled to more than half our belongings just because they are women. What if you ask for a divorce and ask for you wife’s house. Is that gonna fly? Don’t think so… If there are kids in the marriage the one keeping them should not receive more assets because your still gonna have to pay for child support. People do not get married on paper. Right them in the will if you would like but marriage can be sweet or sour. GL


lol reminds me of a young me! About 30 years ago I lived with a woman that started screwing around on me and thought she could still live at my house and sponge off of me.
I showed her, I took everything of hers and ripped, tore, broke mutilated and destroyed EVERYTHING she owned with the exception of a picture of her deceased father I took a chain saw to her sofa, and bedroom suite. Destroyed her clothes and put it all on our lawn where it stayed for two weeks. She sued me in court and won. So she got the last laugh, BUT I LEARNED A LIFE LESSON It mad her so MAD at me that I NEVER saw her again after court.
Those were the days!!!


Good on him!

Honestly, after 11 years of marriage, I don’t own anything anymore. All of my stuff has slowly made it’s way to the garbage, and been replaced with something else. If the Mrs. and I ever split up, she’s taking the lot, if I have to dump it on her new lawn in the middle of the night. :smile:


More shenanigans, funny as it gets.


Hahahaha thats gold


You guys are all crazy. If that husband was so inclined to destroy every possession in the home just think about how life with him in the house must have been for her. I’m thinking not very pleasant at all. Glad she is rid of him and I bet she could give a shittttt about half of thier belonging.