Mars One


This is an interesting article. I am fascinated by the concept of space travel, well really I just want to experience zero gravity, but the space travel aspect of it is pretty awesome. It seems though that Mars One bit off more than they can chew and can’t answer the tough questions presented by the experts. Kind of frustrating that it is handled like this, could put a bad taste in peoples mouth about future space travel and exploration. Not to mention this is peoples live we are talking about here, and the Mars One director is acting like it is not his responsibility to work everything out. Interesting mindset (hmmmm…have we seen this mentality in the crypto world before?)

All joking aside, this is a pretty good read that causes some good thinking.


Maybe volunteer Mr garza are you sure its one way?


I think Mars-1 is an absolutely incredible idea. As Earth’s past history pretty well shows, extinction level events happen occasionally. A single ill-timed X-class solar flare could wipe out all of humanity’s much vaunted technology and set us back into the dark ages. Probable number of deaths? 5 billion, with total extinction a reasonable possibility.

As Steven Hawking said, it’s time for human beings to move out of their cradle. Right now humanity has all their eggs in a single basket here on planet Earth - it’s time to start expanding out into the solar system…


Here is my theory…

We all (our race) originates from Mars. Our ancestors did a pretty damn good job in destroying the planet and it’s atmosphere (sounds familiar?) and when everything went to sheeeets a number of them evacuated Mars with the last spaceship leaving and after years of space travel they finally came across a new planet with an atmosphere, we call it earth.

Now, we all know that history tends to repeat itself. So here we are again working hard to destroy the planet and little do we know that the planet we’re looking to Colonize is the planet we’ve already destroyed once.



No, you are all wrong. We don’t originate from Mars. We come from the dark side of the moon, have you ever seen it? exactly (talk about conspiracy theories, but it is interesting)

On the topic of the dark side of the moon (besides being a great album), why don’t we practice the mission on the moon? Practice colonizing that, while being close to earth for emergencies or what not? Makes no sense to me to do the first run, well, live. Why not practice first? Makes you wonder what is on the dark side of the moon that they don’t want us to know about…

Edit: it is a great analogy though. Destroying the planet to go back to the plant we already destroyed. That is the exact opposite of my hippie views.


Let’s be ABSOLUTELY sure it is one-way. :smiley: But ethically, that would be not good for the others on the trip. Official Mars currency, Paycoin. LMAO

May take on this statement is, that although it may be time for the human race to expand beyond Earth, as colonization, the rest of the galaxy probably would not like us much, in our current barbarian form. :wink:

On a serious note, can you imagine four people living on Mars with no contact whatsoever with other humans? Humans, by nature, are social creatures that require great degrees of diverse social stimuli. Speaking of “seeding the solar system,” if Mars One is not going to manufacture anything of their own, what about the baby issue? Where will the babies live? How crowded do you think that will get in a hurry?

Once, or if, they arrive, if they all die from whatever cause, the people responsible for the project here, would be under extreme litigation threat from relatives, if any or all should die there. Morally, it is far from being sound. Ethically, without proven technologies to prepare and support the mission, this would be greatly out of line. That is my take. :slight_smile:

I am still all for sending Garza though. :o


Besides, if he did go on that trip, they wouldn’t make it to Mars. He would invent some great, new, super inhabitable planet that they are going to take a detour to, just trust him.


I am excited for Mars One Project. Some skeptics suggest it is nothing more than a marketing campaign.
I certainly hope to see the project fome to fruition.

I agree with Hawkings on this point. Humanity should diversify its holdings. Survival of the species should be our number one priority. It is already at the subconscious and bioligical level - procreation. We should take it to a conscious level and understand that our existence as a species could be eliminated in a single planetary catastrophe. One large asteroid impact could render us extinct. I’m also a proponent of longevity via biochemical and or nanotech to extend the living age of the body. While I prefer the idea of maintaining life in the human body, transhumanism seems to be big in the media and may be the final outcome of longevity. Transhumansim seems a bit more far-fetched than extension of lifespan to me though.

Interesting theory, but everything points to Earth as being our point of origin via evolution.

Mars offers much more in means of resources, both in terms of life sustenance and on the less ideoligical side of things, monetary compensation in form of trade/mining/extraction.

In the Mars One selection process and in the philosophy of the project, there is an agreement for the time being that procreation is off limits. Best option for that is of course abstinence. According to my understanding only 4 individuals will be chosen for the first colony on Mars. Perhaps they will choose only a single sex, or perhaps select those with no or low libidos… I’d be willing to bet that if sexes are mixed with fertile individuals, life would find a way.


You can only take care of yourself for so long with a nudie magazine before you realize that you need the real thing and it is potentially right next door to you. They can make them sign a waver or what not, but when it comes down to it, human hormones and desires will trump all.


This is one of humankind’s greatest problems however. When the species is threatened, humans procreate. The bred in, deeply buried genetic solution to threats against the species - procreate.

This turns into a bit of am issue when the threat to human survival is overpopulation. Difficult to procreate yourself out of a state of overpopulation.

Mars has many more resources than the moon - the main one being that is has an atmosphere (thin, but sufficently dense to allow parachutes to work) rather than hard vacuum, an atmosphere that is almost completely Co2 (good for plants, and can be used to generate oxygen), abundant water, and with perchlorates laying around on the surface, easy oxygen generation.

If procreation is going to be an issue - send mated pairs and make sure that everyone has had a tubal ligation / vasectomy. This is not species survival however - the plan had better be that these first settlers are there to pave the way for a larger population of individuals that will reproduce.


I loved the idea of sending a giant 3D printer to the moon capable of using moon rock… once it’s finished building a city you can move in :wink:


Says you and those that wrote the books.

What happened to the theories of Aliens having taught the Egyptians and Mayans the art of building Pyramids with similar structures having been discovered on Mars? I have no doubt that the Homosapien originates from the Neanderthals and co.

But who knows, it might have been very different. Let’s assume for a minute that the spaceship crashed on Earth leaving the Mars survivors stuck in a hostile environment which would have basically bombed them back into (what we understand as being) the stone age.

Just saying… :slight_smile:


Raelians anybody?


Just too much discovery / history channel :slight_smile:


Erich von Däniken can’t have been completely wrong, surely?


Its actually the other way around. There has been no life on planets after the planet earth but when you go to the ones that a closer to the sun is where your chances of finding life more interesting. As you may not know Mercury is going to be the suns food in the next 1-2 billion years from now and earth will become the next Venus and then Mars will become the new earth.
What seems a really slow turn of the Galaxy 365 days or the earths orbit of the sun 24hours is really really fast if you actually where to leave the galaxy and view the time in another galaxy it would be massive and fast. So that orbiting is actually a spiral effect where everything is getting closer to the sun.