May the Fourth be with you!


Figured this was the appropriate place in the forum to wish everyone a happy Star Wars Day. I remember seeing “A New Hope” in the theater…Of course, back then it was just called Star Wars :smile:. I was just a youngling, but that movie fueled my interest in science and technology like no other. Oh how I wanted an X-Wing! I had action figures - that I actually played with, not kept in a sterile environment to be sold to somebody in the future. I built models of the ships. I had posters in my room.

So now I’m older. I’ve no longer got posters in my room. I don’t have any action figures. My son is far more interested in Iron Man and Thor than he is in Luke and Han. I still want an X-Wing, though!

I can’t wait for Episode VII. Yes, I’m going to be there on opening day.



A couple of guys dressed as Storm Troopers just came through handing out cookies.

I may have joined the Dark Side. :smile:


Curse ALL OF YOU… now I’m going to have to put the movies back on one of my side screens while I work. Ahhhhhhhh


What do you think inspired me to write the post? LOL… I started with Star Wars this morning at about 9… currently watching Empire. I’ll have to stop after this, unfortunately, because I’ve got to get on a plane this evening… but I’ll just fire up Episode 2 on the flight :).

By the way… correct viewing order of Star Wars:

4,5,2,3,6. Skip 1 altogether…


pfft, like you weren’t already :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s true, but today I got cookies for it, instead of scorn. :smiley:

But then you’ll miss out on JarJar, and won’t learn about midichlorians!



Something which I could erase from my mind altogether. Darth Maul - very cool. Special effects - very cool. Heck, even the pod race was fun to watch. The entire story line of JarJar and the introduction of some BS symbiotic life form that is the source of the force? Crap.

Edit: Yes, I know you’re being sarcastic :slight_smile:


Set Blasters to STUN!!!