Meet the Street Dealers Who Peddle Bitcoin


Interesting article:

I have never used Local Bitcoins, this was nice to hear the stories of a user’s experiences, and especially thoughts, on the whole subject.


I did that when i first started and wanted to buy some BTC some deals were ok even fun…but a couple of them were down right scary and I quit when the price was soo high as the creepy people factor was going way up, now that the price of BTC is back down to a couple hundred dollars it might be better.


I was always worried about the craigslist syndrome. You go to sell an electronics item and you get mugged after or before the sale or purchase because they know you have some cash on you. I could see the same situation happening here.

It is just kind of crazy that the whole scenario looks like it is a drug deal…every aspect seems shady. But it is bitcoin and it is legit. Kind of shows that all of crypto has a little ways to go before it will become main stream.

Love my crypto though…i’ll just mine my BTC instead!


The Helsinki-based marketplace started in 2012, but there are people using it to buy and sell all over the world. (Though not in Germany, where it’s been blocked for regulatory reasons.)

:zzz: :slight_smile:


We’ve gotten some BTC ATM machines here in Indianapolis. Next time I see one I’ll use it and do some damage.


They have a couple scattered across the Kansas City area.


You don’t have to worry if you are the scary guy in the transaction :wink:

Alway bring the heat with you on a cash deal like that… :gun:


I was tempted to use it back in the earlier days of my involvement with btc but the prices they quoted were always way higher than the marker price…too much to justify it :slight_smile:


No BTC ATM’s here in good ole Pittsburgh, PA…unfortunately.

This is what I do when I sell anything of value on craigslist. I bring a friend with me and he stays in a separate car and has his heat. I also only meet in my banks parking lot. Cameras all around and I can immediately deposit the cash.


'Merica seems hard to live in


Certainly seems like a lot to worry about just to make a transaction in the street doesn’t it.

Mind you, at least in America, for the most part, you only have to worry about being killed by humans. In your neck of the woods pretty much anything that lives is either food or wants you for food… :slight_smile:


It’s not hard. We just have a LOT of people here, and with a lot of people you get some crazy ones.

That’s why we can conceal carry.


HEY NOW!!! I resent that remark. I’m not crazy, I’m special with a hair trigger. :smile:


Its not hard to live in, but you do have to watch yourself, the police are either inept or just plain overwhelmed/dont care anymore. There is no shame in being a thug or going to prison, many look up to inmates and thugs here. Sad really, I miss the old days there bad guys got hung in the street for all to see.


I always felt that public executions would help to curtail crime.