Melotic Exchange is Closing


Received this today:

Dear users,

After much deliberation, we at Melotic have decided to take the unfortunate step of winding down the digital asset exchange. Simply put, we did not experience enough growth in this product to justify the ongoing costs of development, maintenance, and support. However, we have exciting new products in development, and we will be focusing our resources on that.

We will be turning off new user registration and deposits shortly, and existing users should withdraw their coins at their earliest convenience. We will keep the withdrawal function open until May 15, after which we will be taking the exchange offline. Any unclaimed funds will be returned to their depositing address at that time.

Thank you for your support, and stay tuned for what we have in store!


There are so many exchanges out there… pop up and down almost on a weekly basis. I didn’t even know about this exchange.


Yepp but this one was venturing into assets :frowning:


The problem with assets right now is there is ZERO interoperability between the different variations. CoinPrism assets can’t talk with CoinSpark assets which can’t talk with Bitproof assets which can’t talk with Stampery assets… etc etc etc

Sad to see a site that was trying to push into future tech close down.


Well, pretty much the same as eleventhy million altcoins. Everybody wants his own coin, his own asset protocol and everything has to be (allegedly) different and better.


Yeah, I guess ZiftrCOIN did not help put them over the top! :disappointed: