Miaviator and xMK read mean forum posts


Hello All,

@miaviator and @xmk3 have agreed to answer my call for humor during these trying times. In light of all the drama and general popcorn time the interwebs have been chock full of mean, nasty and hateful things towards them. To help @miaviator avoid expensive therapy and from @xmk3 cracking more genesis blocks of non-premised coinage they will be appearing in a video to read off mean forum posts, tweets, and customer complaints.

There is no shortage of hatred and vitriol aimed at @miaviator, or HJG’s evil arch nemesis @xmk3. The problem comes with picking the best content. Please help me find the mean, the misspelled, the angry, and dumb. @miaviator and @xmk3 will read off the best and we will post a link to the video here.

[SCAM] GAWMiners, Paybase, ZenCloud

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