Microsoft Windows 10


I finally got the upgrade updates to windows 10 for my computers today.
Got it installed on my laptop and my desktop and running ok on both. However, a few notes for anyone about to do the upgrade:
First on my 4 yr old high end gaming laptop it was smoothe sailing, had the OS installed and everything working in about half an hour. My older desktop (8 years old but with a newer video card) had a few problems, first windows installed a driver for my Reatek network card that just didn’t work so on upgrade I lost internet access until I was able to go in and find device manager to manually remove the driver, find a driver and manually install it (even then it didn’t work until machine was restarted twice - why I have no idea) it also couldn’t install a driver for my Nvidia GTX 750 Ti video card, had to manually install that one too.
Also I have found quite a number of basic features of the new OS that just don’t work (try going into windows defender to tell it to exclude a folder or file from scans and you will see what I mean) other things work fine on my laptop but not my desktop (things like, windows update and the backup program to name a couple).
It is a lighter Os than 7 or 8 and they seem to have removed a lot of unescessary code (as well as the recursive code that overloaded memory over time and forced you to restart windows every week or so).
Overall one of the best upgrades for windows I have seen yet, the probelms seem smaller and the final product looks and acts pretty much like the previous one but a bit faster and with a few more features (although fewer than advertised at the moment).
Just my experience so far, your mileage may vary.

I managed to get a number of features working on my desktop in Win 10 by reinstalling over the OS with itself. I now have windows update and system restore working.
The OS is designed to better use what hardware you have, so if you have 3 GB of ram it will use 2.5 GB and if you have 16 GB it uses 11 or 12 GB. The processor usage shouldn’t be above 20% without active apps running and my computers sit at 8% and 7% at “idle” for my laptop and desktop, repectively.
If you are seeing exessive CPU usage it may mean that win 10 is still setting itself up (cataloging drivers, indexing apps, etc) which take a few hours after install to complete (my old desktop took a good five hours for this to finish).

I guess I should have mentioned that I installed Win 10 on a laptop weeks ago and played with it for a few days before doing a complete HDD wipe (low- level format included) and reinstall of my win 7 / ubuntu so that I knew which “features” needed to be turned off on install and which switches and options I wanted. BTW, you can only do a clean install if you have a full version key for win 7 or 8. Since I had only upgrade keys (since I updated from XP) I had to wait for the MS upgrade push. If you do have a full version key (or want to pay over $100 for win 10) then you can download an iso of the OS from MS to do a clean install.


I put it on my Boinc rig, it runs a bit faster but seems to cash/modify more memory. I have seen it as high as 10.5gb cashed with 1.3g for the system and background out of 16gb of G.SKILL Ripjaws Series X total (4x4) with the system running at 100% CPU on a FX8350 and 2 Radeon R9 270X running at 93%.


I’m very satisfied with this upgrade on my Lenovo Yoga 3. Let me start with saying that Windows 8 annoyed me to the bone. Now, with 10 dual booting on my laptop and with Mint on my desktop pc, and Synergy to share my mouse and keyboard, I might have found my preferred way to deal with not having MS Office for Linux. Until I can run it in a VM at satisfactory speed.


Win10 won’t be seeing any of my systems any time soon. In general I never install any Win OS prior to the release of SP1 or better Sp2. As for Win10, I hear it’s full of malware so most likely I won’t be installing it at all.

Win10 (apparently) encrypts your HD by default but Microshait will maintain the private keys to decrypt the data unless you subscribe for the service. Another point, which imho is a total turn-off, is that Win10 users may be contributing their own bandwidth for windows updates much like seeding torrents. Something many of us might not desire.


Were is the millenium version ? Worst release ever !
I’m curious if Win10 run as advertise on a Raspberry Pi 2 …


I’ll be testing it on a laptop that can be scrubbed in a flash.

From what I hear, key logging on by default among many other “spy” oriented features means this OS ain’t seeing my core systems for some time, if at all.

Those features are switch off-able, but their very existence in the OS … AND that the OS now updates on the fly and we know MS has a history of using updates to switch ■■■■ back on then no. Time, finally, for my complete migration to linux I reckon.


So… Again, if you’re not paying, you’re the product?

I should have continued using the cripple-ware Windows version then…

Any reliable links regarding the malware?


tried LibreOffice yet?


Yes, and WPS Office (which I prefer), but Calc doesn’t come close to Excel… And sadly the PowerPoint format doesn’t really play nice with the clones either, and we use that in teams…


yes, PowerPoint is the partypooper when it comes to compatibility…

#11 or google-drive.


Thanks, I actually use both of them (well, LibreOffice, not OpenOffice, but small difference), and it’s fine for the basic stuff. And advanced stuff if your team of techies uses them too. But I cannot ask my colleagues (let alone our consortium partners), often with a marketing, economics or governance background, to install custom scripts because google drive doesn’t have a Power function or a Lookup function, just to say something. And what do I do with my Pivot tables? Or regular tables even… Sadly, this is a long list… And then we arrive at the design and layout issues… of spreadsheets, presentations and word documents…


This may be handy for a few of you.

I personally really like what they’ve done with Windows 10.
And in case you are worried about it being bad, it won’t, guaranteed. Check it out.
Win 3.x - Good
Win 95 - Bad
Win 98 - Good
Win Me - Bad
Win XP - Good
Win Vista - Bad
Win 7 - Good
Win 8 - Bad
Win 10 - Good


All that got done before the first reboot, plus several layers of anti-everything ED-209 software.


Yes, I didn’t mention the processes and procedures to keep MS out of your business as I figure most here know to always custom install and turn off the spyware features. The default install of the OS gives a copy of everything done on the computer – including all web browsing and file creation!!! – to MS and its advertising / marketing partners.
There are a bunch of things that you need to turn off if you want even a semblence of privacy.


Why was it loaded with live ammo during the demo?


Slight oversight…but nobody liked that dude anyway.


Yes, I didn’t mention the processes and procedures to keep MS out of your business as I figure most here know to always custom install and turn off the spyware features.

Sure, I’m quite sure I answered these quizzes correctly, but what I’d like to know is if I’m going to be screwed anyway… And how to cope with that;)


Of course you will, we always are. Do? Live with it, Rage against the machine or get really fluent with Linus OS.


Ran across another minor annoyance with Win 10. After upgrade none of my single player games (both Steam and non-steam) can save progress. I think I have to give admin access to Steam, and every game executable (through compatability tab under properties). Its a project as I have a large game library. Will post when I find out if it works.
Has me a bit worried, what else has to be manually changed to function?
Hopefully at least Word and Excel should work, if not I will take it as a sign that it is time to wipe my drive and go Ubuntu full time.

Yep, new default security settings of 10 block anything from writing to disk until it is given admin access. Had to give all game executables admin athorization, all working now.