Miners For Sale, ASICMiner and More


Hi Everyone,
It is good to see many familiar faces and some new ones. I have several miners for sale I am finishing off clearing them out including my last S4 and SP30. Thanks for looking and spread the word I appreciate it.
I do ship to most countries but remember the buyer pays for shipping. Escrow if you want is also ok. As many of you know I will deliver I do not mess around. :smile:

A quick update. I have lowered the prices across the board.

All Prices Do Not Include Shipping. So all Prices are “Plus Shipping”.

  • Spondoolies SP30 - $1650 Sold

  • Bitmain Antminer S4 - $510 Sold

  • Bit-Tech Dragon Coincraft Chip Miner with 1100 watt PSU 860 gh/s -

  • ASICMiner Tube With BE200 Controller 800 gh/s - $180

  • Rockminer T1 800 gh/s with BE200 Controller 800 gh/s - $180

USB Stick Miners
They are fun for messing around with different coins and such. A good way to learn.

  • Avalon Nano Gen 4 Chip 3.2 gh/s - $35 each
    Total *Note on these they are tricky to get working well but once
    they are set they work well. x3 Sold, x3 Left

  • Hex-Fury 11+ gh/s - $80 each Qty 2

  • Bi-Fury 4.8+ gh/s - $35 Sold

  • Yellow Jacket 2+ gh/s - $25 Sold

  • Red-Fury 2.4 gh/s - $25 Sold

  • Original Block Erupter 333 mh/s - $10 each QTY 4. Sold

Updated to list sold items and prices. 2/26/15
Updated to list sold items. 3/14/15
Updated pricing of items 4/22/15

USB miners

Bumping, as I sold some of the USB miners.


I vouch for @ManeBjorn
Honest guy, fair prices :ok_hand:


Thanks dude.
I updated the prices as well again.


Bumping this.
I have some miners left.


Bumping I really need to sell these.


Another bump.
Feel free to make offers I do have a little wiggle room.
Willing to take several types of payment. No PayPal though.
Thanks everyone.


Where are you located? (for shipping cost estimations)


I am in NY USA.


Bumping I still have three available. Plus some Nano’s.
I accept BTC, LTC, Darkcoin, and some others.
Thank you.


@ManeBjorn Are you still selling some of these? Should I keep it open? :smiley:


Hi Allen,
I am still selling the ones not marked sold. :smile:


Hi Im interessted in thoose Hex furys. You sell them both for 150$?



Yes I can plus shipping. In the US it’s only $5 USPS small flat rate box with tracking.