Mining Software for Raspberry Pi


I’m drawing a blank and need some help.

I used to have a different piece of software on my Raspberry Pi that would control my mining.

It wasn’t Starminer… it wasn’t the ZenOS… but I’m drawing a blank on what it was.

Can anyone remember what it is I’m trying to think of when it comes to mining software running on Raspberry Pi?




That’s the one… thanks :slight_smile: Brain Fart Sunday




I lol’d :laughing:


Multiminer -
cryptoglance -


If you are going to use minera, Zeus(or GAW) miners and the dmaxl Zeus fork, I would recommend downloading and building the newest version of the dmaxl fork from github. It has extranonce support, which is useful for Nicehash/Westhash and seems to work better in general (or it could just be my imagination).


Minera is the best. You can add different distros of mining programs as well.


I have BFGminer on a Pi and it flakes out all the time…
Maybe new project for this week will be to setup minera and see if it works any better as Nicehash is the primary pool I’m using to support GIVER token payouts!
Constantly baby sitting my gridseed rig to make sure it’s still working is getting annoying :smile:


I was using BFGMiner and had to restart it every 4 hours to keep it up. Changing pools also killed it, so when the dmaxl fork came out with extranonce support, I set it up and can honestly say that I rarely have to check my setup anymore.


Exactly where I’m at now with BFGminer…
Thanks much for the suggestion :+1:


I think we have seen that expression used before, by someone else? :smiley: