Mining Sweden - Anybody knows something new about it?


Hi, anybody knows what happens with this site?. It seems that they not attend support questions since more than a month.
Anybody knows a specialized forum about Mining Sweden?. Any actions taken?.
I think that is probably that they have to confront several paypal chargebacks due to the last announcement emitted in their website.
Anybody has info about this thing?


They killed mining. All information we have is in their thread linked below.


Thank you for the info, I have bookmarked that post, but it seems nobody have news. I have to wait… I guess.


Just been posted on News section. Still no info on payments.

News 2016-07-12
As you all know the halving has occurred and as you probably also
know KNC has closed down their operation in Sweden due to that it is not
profitable to mine bitcoin in Sweden anymore. The cost is to high and
if we would continue with the miners we would need to file for
bankruptcy but since we closed down miners we don’t have any cost for
them only to get the payouts that has been processed in your accounts.
These accumulated payouts will be paid in time to you as we can start
generating income from other solutions to cover your accumulated
payouts but from today there will be no more accumulations to any
I´m really sorry for this but Bitcoin mining is not easy and the high
difficulty makes it impossible to continue running the mining
operation. If you understand how mining works you will see this.
With regards



And we are still waiting for the last payments to be processed.


Chances to get our payments are second to none I would say by now. The news on the site was from 2016-07-12, and still after a month, no progress or updates have been sent out.


So, with the price rise, I can safely assume that it is now profitable to mine BTC in Sweden again. And yet we’ve heard nothing from Tommy. Boo!