Mining to Pool


Why is it not feasible to mine to a pool a person specifies? Is it much harder to code that?

Second, when will batch 2 come on?


I’ll leave the full answer to others to respond, but is there a specific pool you wish to mine. Maybe that can get added to the list that is used to balance the mining power.


First. It’s not possible because then you will have to pay maintenance fees and the administration to do that is beyond the scope of the project.

Second B3 will be launched on schedule see the ANN.


I saw 72 hours but that was it. I can’t wait :smiley:

Also, couldn’t you just provide an address for the customers to pay the maint fees?


Your question about the pool has already been answered here.


To re-hash (lol) what cyberdexter has already posted, it’s not a “code” problem. The way you receive your payouts is through the dividends sent to all owners of the GHX colored coin asset (each owner receives a % of the dividends based upon their % of GHX owned). The entire farm is accounted for in GHX (1 GHX = 10 GH/S).

Since there is no difference between any individual GHX coin (just like there’s no “difference” between any 2 bitcoin), there is no way to track who should be paid out according to which pool. There would have to be an entirely separate ledger kept with who owns how many coins, where that hashpower should be pointed to, and what payout address it should be sent to. This would raise the level of management required considerably, since now the admins would potentially be handling dozens or even hundreds of pools with a handful of miners connected to each.


I’m looking into ways to facilitate users whom only want to rent hardware on a basis of paying maint. fees ahead of time and then control the hardware for that set time.

Due to the nature of this we may have to implement minimal rental periods, This is still in ‘discussion’ stage, please don’t hold me to this until there’s something more concrete released.


We’re currently anticipating B2 coming online. Due to all the different time zones it’s hard to provide an exact time.