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Is there any other vendor for selling bitmain machines?


There are reseller.
Which country you are in?


I am from Pakistan, did they shipped to Pakistan?


There is a reseller for asia countries, but I think its better order directly from bitmain when no reseller in your country.


Hey @gotram how is things with MiningSweden? Any news or updates?


ViK is promoting it as a replacement for so that’s high praise. No word on whether it’s a suitable replacement for hashlets though.


Yeah but who cares what ViK has to say? Burned it shilling for GAW and even going back to HT to delete a ton of posts (or better to “do some housecleaning”) won’t fix that. ViK should quote BadBitcoin with “a good site gone bad”.

I think MiningSweden has taken a good approach when he first started building up the farm and just wanted to see what the latest news is.


All good with them.
There is a barbecue on 22nd August in Sweden.
When someone is interested to join contact Tommy.


Banner is showing a long time(some months).
Sometimes was checking the site and banner pop up.


How large is the farm now? Just checked the site and didn’t find any information. Also tell Tommy to check his “promotor” page. It has a few typos he might want to correct. :wink:


Have forwarded your question to Tommy and informed him about promotor page.


Cool, thank you!


Does anyone here have any VIP shares that can vouch for them being better than the regular shares with the extra payouts from the shared company profits??


When I understand Tommy then extra payout for VIP SHARES is end of the YEAR.


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where is the summary?


Looks like you only post mining reviews for sites with a referral / affiliate program… what about GetHashing? Not good enough for a review?


Has anybody spoken / emailed Tommy recently, sent him an email on 22nd and had no response, normally he responds same day or day after so not sure if he is on holiday?
Anybody had withdraw processed since 22nd which would indicate Tommy is around as he manually does the withdraws? Thanks.


Garzian scam?


Not sure why you would say scam?
Just to clarify I have not requested any withdraws, I just asked if anyone has requested a withdraw from 22nd Sep which would confirm Tommy is around and not on holiday.