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he is online.
May be write again.


Hi Gotram, if I may ask how can you tell he is online?


just written with him per email


I requested and received a withdrawal yesterday.

Hope this helps.


I have not tried to withdraw nor was I trying to withdraw, apologies for the confusion, i was not saying MS was not paying out, my question was because i sent Tommy 2 emails to which i received no response so opened a support ticket and that has gone un-answered too.

My question in the emails/support ticket was to check if Tommy had ordered any S7`s and if he had any update on when he plans on offering them for hosting, but not receiving a reply to my emails or support ticket has put me off using MS for hosting especially as you would need to email or open a ticket to change mining pools.


How many S7’s are you looking to get hosted?


Just 1 maybe 2 for now.


What is the current thinking on this operation? Legit? Ponzi? Fractional mining? Doesn’t have a great google rep, and as near as I can tell puppet’s cloud mining ponzi 101 doesn’t cover it. Thanks for all thoughts.


Maybe because they haven’t paid Google their extortion fee? Who can say about any cloud mining site anymore really. I have had an account with them for awhile but that doesn’t mean ■■■■ really.

He has shown pictures of hardware and I think one or two members of the forum have actually visited the site where the mining takes place. Scroll up a few posts and have a read :smile:


Thanks. I’ve read the whole thread, and done some searching on my own. I was looking for more up-to-date info if anyone had it.


Legit and going for a runner.


Going for a runner huh. I was wondering the same thing. Any evidence you’d point to in support of that conclusion?


Yes, please share. I like sharing… sharing is caring :slight_smile:


Nope, that would be too easy :wink: But usually big discounts while roi is already hard, plans too good to be true, pushing payment deadlines back, gotram gone, huge expansion while bitcoin’s price down, chinese competition increasing, diff rising hard etc. ring my bell.

If one can publish proof of mining hashrate over last months this problem would be partly solved :slight_smile:


Another one bites the dust, with the obligatory rant of how unfair the Real Life™ is. If only someone could have known that “Bitcoin mining is not easy”.



First I need to say I´m sorry for the delay in responses from me but it has been a lot of work this weekend and also I have been getting a lot of email that has started me to rethink why I´m doing this and you will get more information about this in the following information.

About the VIP shares

During the last year we used all our extra power and miners to give you users more back wile the payouts still was higher since everyone in bitcoin mining knew that the payouts would go down due to higher mining difficulty.

The result of this you have seen in the payout spread that I have posted in the news before.

Giving you user a much higher payout as a user.

On the negative side of this we haven’t build any profit in the company and we have also burnt out both the miners and capital for running the farm further.

So what I´m saying is that you have been given the profit for your VIP shares during the last year.

You are probably upset about this but if you think of it and check the payout spreadsheet you will see that it has been better to get the payouts at a higher payout rate then now when it is getting even lower.

So this year there will not be any other payouts then the extra payouts that has already been paid.

Now about the payouts

I have got some emails during this weekend that has made me think about why I´m doing this. And after the kind of emails I have got I have decided to close down the mining operation and that will effect the payouts as they are today.

What I will do is to run the payouts in the system until the halving of the bitcoin production when I expect the S7 miners will be totally out of the game.

This means that we can´t payout as regular as we have been doing up to now but we will eventually payout all that your account has been accumulating in the payouts up to the day when the halving is done and we will stop the payouts.

The payouts will follow the bitcoin difficulty.

How we will pay for the payouts? We will sell out miners to cover some of the costs and I also have some other interesting ideas within crypto how we can generate the payouts to you guys and I promise you that we will deliver the payouts to you even if it takes some time.

I don’t expect anyone of you to understand my choice but all the negative energy has finally taken me down on this.

So my focus will now be on getting you all the payouts so the MS site will stay online and you will be able to follow your payouts in the system and also follow updates on the news page.

I don’t have the energy to answer angry emails, sorry but I don’t have the energy for that.

I´m sorry for this but I have tried as hard as I can to provide a solid platform but Bitcoin mining is not easy in any way.

OBS. Mining Sweden is not closing down it´s business so your VIP shares will hopefully be worth much more next year when we have other business in MS, it is only our Mining operation that is closing down

Your friend

Mining Sweden - Anybody knows something new about it?



Hey, can’t knock them too hard for trying and failing. Mining is hard, and ultimately most of the smaller shops are experiments. At least they had the decency to come forward and tell people that the experiment failed and what they would try to do about it.


Except they collected money for 12-month contracts so it’s hard to imagine how it could possibly fail unless it was a ponzi or semi-ponzi. For example:

BigPack 200 Mining Share grants the owner:
200 GH S7 mining power for 12 months.
All power, maintenance and pool fees for 12 months.


For those getting in early, they got ROI and some, but for those purchasing those S9’s last week… I will say…


Wasnt there a promotion for VIP shares or something about a month ago or so? I turned my stomach upside down (like yours does with ION) :wink:

Edit; ah well, i see it was just a few replies earlier… 4 months instead of 1, time flies