Minion Contest anyone?


Who’s got the best minion? I love em all-LOL.

ATM, I’m giving a slight edge to @lothendriel.


DAwwww thanks :grinning:


You don’t have one yet! :animo:


Mine. It fits me perfectly.


I’ll put up 1k PayCON towards a prize for whoever the community votes as the best minion :slight_smile:


I just found a new one.


Oooooo… Time to create fake accounts, I mean email referrals to friends. I’ll ask my friend Josh, he used to get a ton of likes.


Does it have to be our avatar or just posting a picture?


I should have been more specific lol, yeah, the best minion avatar - if someone uses someone else’s and it happens to win I’ll send the con to the original avi user :slight_smile:


<------- The best…


<--------- Better than The best, and all the rest :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


I play the Funky Monkey. He’s a wildcard.


As Terminator minion I have you all beat! :wink:
I always come back!!


Minions are cute but I miss everyone’s regular avatars, I could just scan the threads and recognize who was talking. But hell I am old school and don’t like change. Maybe that’s my problem. lol


I know where you’re coming from. I do occasionally change mine back to a design of my own now and then, just to keep things lively :wink:


Maybe I should find the red cup minion


Ok,got one now. same hair colour as me -LOL.


here ya go @Gava


Hey my minion army is ready. They are just resting a bit now.


Here ya go!!! I merges 2 fave here!! Minion and Burger!! Beat that one!!! Your CON are mine!!! The avatar is small so here is the big version!!!