Minion Contest anyone?


Beee daaaaw Beee daaaaw Beeeeee Daaaaaw


Mine wont die, and will cut you…plus the beard is epic…


Gonna have to disagree on the beard.


I’m now sporting a minion for the duration of the contest… :stuck_out_tongue:


Can anyone provide me with a Dee-Dee type minion.
She would be an awesome minion…don’t you think?


This dude expresses my opinion of that far comment better than I could:

Though I did find this gem, not sure I wanna replace mine, but it’s an option:


@DumbRedneck already laid claim to that one, so while there’s no reason you can’t use it, for the purposes of the proposed competition, I’d say, should it be picked as the winner, it’ll be @DumbRedneck who takes the prize :slight_smile:

BTW folks, I think we need to start some sort of voting thing here, everyone has had time to prepare.

Let the chaos commence:

I’m putting my vote in for minion Bane ( @DirtFighter ) coz while they’re all cool, I love the look of that one.

My second choice would be @Allen1980s James Bondesque suave little dude :slight_smile:


Think I’d be inclined to say @Daffy for the first vote, and @tecknogeek for the second, should they be required.

:heart: Coffee and LoLs, that is the reasoning.


Does it still count if one is not technically the minion?



Omg she’s perfect! Thank you.

Edit: I tried to use her for my avatar and her little bow was cropped out. Not nearly as cute!!


try that one? 'tis further down in the upload window


One ring banana to rule them all!


Thank you. Much better!!


I’ve taken everyone’s Minion so far and created this poll:

I have the poll set to end on Friday at 9:00 PM. I’m keeping the results hidden to make it a surprise :wink:

I can still add Minions to the poll, so post below if you want to enter. I waited a day to start the poll as I thought that’d be long enough to get everyone’s submissions in.

Edit: I just did this for fun. You don’t have to use this for the actual contest, but feel free if you’d like to.


I’d like to see bubbamark’s minion on the list. I’d likely vote for it as i just love that little “raygun” -LOL


I would vote for @tankjnr since he appears twice :smile:



luv it :smile:


Not my work… but i could very well call this my woodland elf look LOL