Minion Contest anyone?


Winner is…@DumbRedneck


Looks like we have a clear winner :smile:

Thanks to whoever it was that voted for mine :smiley:

@DumbRedneck send me your Paycon addy and I’ll throw the coins your way :slight_smile:


Congrats @DumbRedneck

Thx to all participants and especially to @BoB and @TheBeardedMann for pulling this together. I had no idea that this would go anywhere when i suggested this fun little contest. It’s been a hoot :slight_smile:


We need to do more stuff like this. I’ll help out however.


Thank you, Thank you, so you folks are saying you like that better than Bun-Bun? Either one will give you a shave and a haircut, tho the results may not be pretty. :smile:

Sry it took so long to reply, I had a case of “stupid cook” aka food poisoning.


Apparently you’re supposed to kill it before you eat it. Seems like a lot of effort till someone goes all:

You got a PayCON addy? I owe you 1k Con :slight_smile:


I have no CON addy, recycle it for the next contest, or donate bomb someone. :slight_smile:


Yo @BoB - He wants a SEAPIG Card, and they happen to be 1000CON. PGqkUYF4bztCGhW1jbccKgfdFWm6iMhiJC


As you’re the contest winner, I donated access to the Card Customisation Suite and VIP Super Quick Delivery. I hope that sea-bacon was tasty, shoulda been plenty salty!

@BoB - You know what to do, amigo.



Can it beat my Minion?


I also liked this one



Mortal combat minion?



minion vader


Storm trooper minion


Cyclops minion



Can’t forget Jack sparrow


Why not be a cowboy?