Minion Contest anyone?


Iron man


Bat minion you must be!


Fancy being A Clockwork Banana?


Oh I just found an awesome one


Wut? I didn’t even register on the poll?


“Luke…Luke… I am your father…”


LMAO Someone is showing their age.


Indeed I do, 1k CON to @TheBeardedMann since he made it all happen:


Btw, I’m still waiting for a 50000 CON refund, as per txID:


because I never received my newly issued seapig credit card. Talking of which…back to the customer complaints thread…


Woot! Making my kid’s college fund go from Community College to University 1 CON at a time.



I may even steal this as a new avatar.
Who doesn’t like an spot of milk-plus to get ready for a bit of the old ultraviolence :wink:

Also call me crazy but I have an appreciation of Wendy Carlos and it’s (since it was once Walter…) Moog synthesizing of classical music :+1:



Hell yeah, I went through and found so many awesome ones that I ended up changing my avatar to the assassins creed minion. First I thought “nah I don’t want to follow the pack” but there are so many minions that once you start looking into the pictures it’s hard not to pick one that suits you.

Did you know there is a new Minions movie coming out this summer? I don’t think the minion avatars are going away any time soon lol


I ended up straying away from a minion for a bit…

That said, when looking up clockwork orange based images I found one that looked strangely familiar to the fighting irish formerly sported at hashtalk :smile:

It was tempting, but the codpiece was a bit much and this is a family friendly place…



The Slash minion is my avatar :slight_smile: