Minion Contest anyone?


Looks like we need to have a Batch 2 Minion contest -LOL :relaxed:


Might as well get to know the “real” Minions:



I still like my minion the most :stuck_out_tongue: but the hulk one is pretty awesome as well



This pic has it all magical unicorn, Minion and bananas. don’t know what game its from but i may just need to track it down


Despicable Me: Minion Rush


I’m not sure how I feel about you now that I know you don’t know about the BEST GAME EVER!


Why do minions love bananas so much? Is that why there are no female minions?



You gotta give it the wet beard shake:


I’ve got about another year to go til I can do that. One day though.


Once you can do that, you will be my new favorite hero!


Take care of your skin.


@volder has his own line of sunscreen? Who’da thunk?