MNX - DASH (DarkCoin) Masternode Asset


Hmm how about doing a message singning. Much easier and no tx needed.

Also what about people that want BTC instead of DASH.


Anyone who can is more than welcome to do a message signing, that’s how I’ve done it for everyone so far actually. It’s just the coinprism folks who will have to do the txn.

I’ll work with anyone who wants BTC instead of DASH. Best bet is probably either 1. Send the dash to an exchange and sell. 2. Shapeshift


Starting disbursements today. Please contact me to claim your coins :slight_smile:


I Claimz POP!
@astro you have my info… so just send away.


@astro BTC Please.

Address: 1Dg6ZS539B7xyjzqWXz9WoUBicVFuHE5Zk
Message: This Is my MNX address
SIgnature: Hwx4xuSuePdUuF6BRD1M5wv/MZ1VvpIt44vPbB90+OnxEDDebMzmaz9MViCnezM35pMLKUS0oMuNzaQwhQQb1hs=


It’s on the way!

If everyone could please contact me via PM/Slack that would work best so that the announcements in this thread are easy to find. I’m already seeing low response rates so far.


I’ll get mine done shortly, probably not tonight but by toorrow


PM sent. Thanks.


Hey guys,

I have my own numbers on the project, but if people wouldn’t mind posting their returns, I’d really like to see how we did (especially in BTC terms). I know from DASH and USD perspective we should definitely all be in positive ROI, but I’m curious how everyone else fared with their strategies.


BTC wise we’re a little short. Since you elected not to do the refund from the original payout address the graph and stats are not complete.

Invested: 0.14 BTC
Payouts: 0.01310581 BTC
Refund: 0.11124521 BTC
Total: 0.12435102 BTC

See screenshots.


hmm, yeah, that’s what I thought might happen. The USD ROI was great, the DASH ROI was good, but the BTC ROI wasn’t attainable because DASH doubled along with BTC during the halvening, so in DASH/BTC terms the price didn’t actually move upwards.

The DASH conversions to BTC are through shapeshift, so that’s why it’s not coming from the payout addy.


I’m happy to report finishing with a 19.53% profit :slight_smile:

Thanks @astro!



My life became crazy busy in September and I haven’t been getting email notifications from Gethahsing Forum. Today, i thought I should check in to see what’s happening regarding MNX payments in my Coinprism wallet. I hadn’t received one since early October. So I came over to this thread to discover the reason.


I hold 6 MNX under this asset addy: akE2T1XaZNUY4xTtuZT4YMMxVM9G8rPkAuK

Pls send my share of the MNX node to this BTC address:


Thx, ATCkit


That’s a good point, I’ve got a couple of mnx I’d like the coins for if they’re still there and available?


Hey guys! I still have the masternode holdings, but they were converted to BTC a few months ago after the masternode was shut down (as per the MNX shutdown procedure). A bit sad now since it’s jumped so much (wish I had held).

So anyway, I still have the btc, I just don’t have DASH anymore since there is no masternode.

I’ll confirm the holdings against my spreadsheet today and send the btc over. If you want it sent to a different address than your MNX btc addy, I may need you to sign a message using your original MNX btc address.


@ATCkit 0.0705 BTC sent to 144ZmMmDtzeP6DjYWpxMhW3v1Y5xozydrT (BTC/DASH was at .01175 when the masternode was closed out and converted to BTC)


@BoB I need to know which MNX address was yours in order to send you the btc, lol. Also, it’s easiest if I just send the btc to the btc address associated with the colored coin. Does that work for you? If you need it sent somewhere else we’ll just need to work out some way to verify you own the MNX address you claim (I don’t actually doubt you, I’m just trying to handle the crypto carefully :smiley: )


Thx astro.


No worries, I’ll get on that later :slight_smile:


I have 22 MNX at this address 1MBKbgxiA1iKa4iW2L1ZSiwbNahXTBTGQ4.