"MOAR COLOURS" isn't a descrptive title. Apparently.


Just spotted:


and we’re still being ignored by the crypto-media… oh well…


cough press-release cough


It’s true, but I’m sure you guys know that…

only way to get the traffic is to let the people know the road to your door exists.

When you have a great product, a good quality and well thought out PR drive can pay dividends. We’ve all seen the mistakes of the past… we at least know what NOT to do…

Remember, they like stats, provable numbers that can be seen as something worthy of interest.

They don’t like pre announcements. If you got something, it better be real otherwise be quiet. That’s the way the crypto media works. One reason I have said bugger all about what we are doing. When it happens… THEN we make noise.

This advice was brought to you by hard won experience and a few chats with Coindesk Editors and other crpyto media outlets. You’re welcome :wink:


What you need is controversy…some sort of story that’ll make them pay attention, but won’t do too much damage.

Smething like:

"Get Hashing forum user @DumbRedneck skinned and ate neighbours cat "


“Shock revelation as Get hashing team member @cyberdexter is revealed to be Cliff Richards love child.”

Or (and you can tell I’m running out of ideas here):

“Get hashing community befuddle and confuse crypto newbie and potential liar cyberpinoy with simple question”

Y’get the idea, something spicy but not altogether too damaging. Get creative :smiley:


That explains alot :smile:


She was asking for it…but I had to shave it first. No one likes hairy cat. :stuck_out_tongue:


I keep telling the better half, she won’t listen…


The Press, here we go…