Mobile website improvements


I am a power mobile user meaning most of my online interaction happens on my device. This forum works very well on my phone except I am noticing that the highlight and reply feature for quoting someone does not work and the + button for sub threads does not show as well. As I notice more little tid bits I will post them here. Please keep in mind there might be a very high quantity of mobile users and I would love for everyone to get the same wonderful experience.


Thanks for the feedback.

What phone are you using? I haven’t used the forum on my Android yet but we’ll make sure to test your findings in order to fix them.


@keymaster I am using a note 3


@keymaster I noticed that when I push the reply button on a specific post the person I am replying to is not included in my reply post.


This question is not really for the Mobile Site but for Mobile access to the forum.

Is there a TapaTalk plugin for Discourse? If it exists could you implement it? I love my TapaTalk App on my Android phone.

Edit: it seems there is only a partial written gateway between Discourse and Tapatalk. A real shame. oh well never mind then.


I have no issues with this site on my phone.

@coinminer, if you highlight text then hit the reply pic, it’ll quote the text for you.