Morpheus Badge


Shouldn’t myself and a few others that handed out the “redpill” to a lot of people get a special trust level or badge? Just sayin…

; )

EDIT Sorry, trust level… that’s what I meant to say.

EDIT2 Apparently that’s what I wrote… so scratch edit #1


It has to be a red badge


If those pills are not FDA approved you might get some badges… visiting you.


Nope, no badge for “red pill” takers from a different venue. This is GH and nothing else so anything awarded here will be focused around achievements gained here, not somewhere else. We’re not interested in other places :slight_smile:


You like cheese with your burger


Yeah a lot more than beetroot that’s for sure. Good morning :wink:


Actually I was giving a nod to those of us passing out the “pills”, not those that needed to take them in the first place…

But besides that point, I was making a joke since the majority here needed to take a “red pill”… the rest never needed it or they’re still in the Matrix…


this whole “red pill” stuff was funny…the first 500 times…now that red pill just looks like an old stale Gummy Bear.

New material please!


@DirtFighter Sorry, didn’t realize I hit one of those painful buttons… I only heard it once… when I was thanked for passing it out… guess you heard it a few more times, huh?


yea…its all thats for dinner around here seems. Every one thinks I need to take a pill…the fact is I have moved on to tastier meals… all my friends still want to eat little colored pills when theres BBQ, steak, veggies, and a whole feast right outside the door :slight_smile: