Most Utterly Pointless Thread EVER


Has a legit switchblade…
No point to be made :wink:


<------- Like this


the one covering it’s face is @daffy


I still carry my Issued Benchmade from my 2008 deployment, much to the chagrin of law enforcement im still a federal ID card holder and they cant confiscate it.


Technically it’s illegal to even own where I live, but that hasn’t stopped me from carrying for years :+1:
Been useful on a few occasions, more as a deterrent than anything :smile:

Now back to the point…


Yep that is me alright and the rest of the if the bitcoin dev team.



Heroes is coming back to TV in September.



Seriously? New series?

#89 Oh yes.


it puts the lotion in the basket


Save the Blockchain, Save the world!!!


I’m tempted to actually subscribe to cable for that. :smiley:




Amazon Prime with a Fire Box/Stick…get all the shows!


Have both, and Netflix. Will probably torrent the episodes anyway, so I can watch them whenever I want to. :smile:


Ah yes, EZTV and ETTV.


I just canceled my cable, and just kept the 60meg connection because we have not turned on the cable box in 6 mo, i have Netflix, Hulu, Disney, apps for everything in my Fire box (I have the older one that looks like an HDD). I dont know if you can get the same service from one of the sticks, but its well worth the money, especially if you have kids.


Fire Stick is just as good. Chromecast is great too, but you have to use your phone. I’ve also noticed that Fire Stick wants power from an outlet whereas Chromecast will take power from the USB on most TVs.


Between the two, the winner is the fire device if you are an amazon prime member.
We have both and never use the chromecast anymore.
I should re purpose that to get entertainment in the kitchen or basement :smile:


I use Roku’s through my house.