Most Utterly Pointless Thread EVER


Welcome to the club. I did that in 2009, and haven’t looked back. The only thing I miss is live football, but that’s more fun to watch at a bar anyway. :smile:

I haven’t looked in to the sticks and what they offer. I have a smart TV with apps for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Plex for access to my network storage. I’ve also got a number of Raspberry Pis for things that the TV hasn’t got apps for.


I built a media server for the living room, but the wife thought it was ugly and it got replaced by the amazon fire tv box :frowning:

It is more ascetically pleasing, but 1/4 as functional…

Now back to the point :left_right_arrow:


Easy to hide, she won’t even know it’s there. :wink:


Two words OpenElec RPI


I’m a closet tinkerer :smile:

These are the unused units, 3 others in service (1 for mining equipment, one as an arcade machine…unfinished, and 1 used as a coding sandbox for learning)
All v1 models, but still loads of fun.
The 4 USB ports in the newer ones were a nice improvement!

I should look into using them to make a whole house audio setup :+1:


MAME? I’ve been thinking about doing that.




Am playing with the above atm :slight_smile:

To fill my pointless days…


I like Golden Retrievers



Ah the famous cookie clicker.


The famous Folger’s Theater (Shakespeare Library/Theater here in DC) has become pointless as well.

Seems they don’t even realize “lorem ipsum” isn’t real latin. In fact one of the “staff” tried to tell me that because I didn’t understand that “ancient latin” that I don’t know what I’m talking about. POINTLESS PEOPLE


Some more pointless “just because you can doesn’t mean you should” websites (make sure your sound is on) (great for airplanes and impressing other people with your fake programming skillz) (don’t move too fast or you will die from seizures… you have been warned!)


Another building in DC that has become pointless :smile:

sorry for passive aggressively attempting to make a point


That’s okay, I thought you were going to post this one


Those are supposed to be pointless. That’s the whole point. :smile:

“Anyone that can manage to get themselves elected should, under no circumstances, be allowed to do the job”. So, we make them work with a bunch of other pointless people, so that they will argue endlessly, and leave the rest of us alone. Anything that comes out of those two buildings is purely by accident.


Unfortunately the party candidate for 2012 didn’t cut it, but 2016 is looking pretty promising :+1:


This is how to be a President: