MTR - MasterTrader Coin


hey guys, what do you think about this coin ?

I’ve invested 0.15 BTC n the round 2, that is still available for less than 2 days.

I think that they seem promising for those who like to trade with a new trading app they are making called ToshiDesk. Seem we could follow a Master into trading too.

Seem that if you are a good trader, we can see your stats into the toshidesk program…seem almost as fun as getting levels into a game, but making money out of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Why are there no crowd-funding based altcoins created

We did a solid article on them.
MasterTraderCoin: Hype or Innovation?


Nice article ManeBjorn :slight_smile:

I think it would worth the risk, I’m also working on a solo project to bring something new to people into crypto. Still I wonder why there is so few investments on innovation and everyone goes ponzi anyway… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll test them out and we will see a guess, 0.15 is a small risk I can take :slight_smile:


I rented some hash and solo-mined some of it. First time that I’ve done that, but since the hashrate has been relatively low I was able to. It was quite fun. I’m also hoping that my “investment” in the coin pays off.


It seems where we could make more bucks with that coin is with their toshidesk while trading, I guess that would explain that the PoW phase has so much low rewards and that it will be only temporary.

We will see :slight_smile:


That’s how I see it too. I just wanted to screw around with solo mining. That’s the only reason I mined instead of investing. Mining gets much less per BTC than investing and no beta access to the platform either.


Closed beta access will be available for everyone that invested into phase 1 or 2, after the phase 2 crowdfunding.


So the ICO ended, mastertrader777 told we would get phase I and II fund in less than 48 hours.

Finally customers from phase 1 got their MTR in about 3 hours, and phase II got in 5-6 hours, was very fast and smooth.

Next step is the Toshidesk that the ICO investor will be able to try it in closed beta by the end of march.

Seem promising at the moment, toshidesk will play a major role into the value of MTR, I’m not the trader guy, but some people around the globe got serious trading talent and it’s nice that we could talk to them into toshidesk and follow them as leader.

Well…that’s it for now.


Well I got some MTR. Let’s see how this goes. I am very interested in Toshidesk. It kind of looks like a trading/social platform.


Glad you are there too :slight_smile:


Toshidesk update in less than 2 hours.
MasterTrader price is rising.


Block height ; 12,333

When the block height will reach 12,500, staking % will go from 10% anually to 10% monthly.

MTR now on bittrex.

edit ; staking will happen hourly instead of 3 hours.


There was also a mandatory wallet upgrade for those who didn’t check. Make sure to get the new wallet to continue staking.


For a X reason, I sold most of my MTR coins at 0.00056 one hour ago, and when I came back, I noticed that now it is at 0.0003752


And bought back some with the profit I made with the difference, and holding them.


Ico price was around 0.0004
Sold most of them between 0.00054 and 0.00060
Waited 12h
Bought back some at 0.00063 0.00068 with the profit I made between those 2.

I’ll wait toshidesk before doing other market trade and stake those MTR.