Multiminer - A miners miner app


The link below will take you to Nwoolls link on BTC forum for mobile miner. The application is safe and Nwoolls is a major CGminer developer

Multiminer is a miner - miner app. It will allow you to check and remotely check your miners from home or away also allows remote miner restart.


Nwools = Scam!

Totallly kidding. He has been at the forefront of helping the community without asking for a single dime. He is a good guy. If you find his projects useful, please donate as he has been nothing but helpful to all crypto communities.


Nate is major BFGMiner contributor.
I love MultiMiner and I use it on my network. It is a solid setup he has put together.
I even interviewed Nate. The Man Behind the Bitcoin (& more) Mining service MultiMiner – Interview With Nate Woolls
He seems to not sleep either. LOL


I have used Multiminer since early(?) last year. Solid as.