Must Play Evony Type Game for Real world Gold


I am betting there are a few if not a lot of X or even current Evony players here. Well you should sit down for this because if you enjoyed Evony, you will love Goldentowns. Game play is almost identical to Evony with a few twists. First is the in game gold holds a real world value in 24k gold! Yes it is a free to play with in game purchasing just like all the other facebook, android and iphone apps, only this one is based on a real world model and includes economical and political interaction and the game currency can be converted to real world gold or bitcoin cashout (as well as others).

Pic of game gold reserves

I would ask that since ref links cannot be included in posts, if you would like to sign up PM for my ref link. Please go check it out, you will be glad you did.


Bump…no one want to play? :frowning: I was hoping to get more people to join me in the US so we could work on world domination! lol
If you have joined let me know so we can get together in game…if you have not signed up yet, PM me for my ref link :slight_smile: and then let’s start a thread here so we can work as a group to take over…


Looking for players to join. I have found as a resident of Jamaica you automatically get daily gold bonuses just for playing. So if you like crypto mining in a sense this game is for you. The game gold holds real value and can be exchanged, cashed out or used to buy merchandise and more outside the game world. Seriously, come check it out. PM for my ref link, because yes I do get ref bonuses if you play.


i play that game, tho been a while. i logged in just now, whole thing is reset all my stuff level one and im new player agian? :frowning: makes me think might happen again if i start playing, wow that sux :frowning: lol. so guess i wont be coming back there :frowning:


Yes, if you stop playing long enough your town will degrade to the basic buildings and you have to start rebuild. The modeled it after real world so everything; degrading buildings, citizens die, roads need repair, etc. If you do decide to start playing, move to Jamaica and you will earn gold from day one and be able to rebuild quick. Obviously if you have an account, you already have a ref, but I am happy to help and answer questions


im playing with your ref and still no gold! =( Been playing a month


What is your game name and what country are you building your town in?


ilidion country jamaica


According to your activity, this shows 2 actions that you were paid gold for. Your activity log shows mostly your production activity, you need to build, level the buildings, recruit citizens, train workers, etc. for the gold bonuses. Only collecting your resources will not earn gold. Hope this helps to clarify


I didnt see I had some gold. fun easy game.


If you do not mind me asking, when did you move to Jamaica, or had you started the game there?


I think I started in spain by default and asked for citizenship first day and next day I was Jamaican.