My new old car


The engine for my 1964 Simca 1000 Coupé is finished!

Body works are next, but first, some road testing!

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Really impressive work :thumbsup: Have fun driving your baby :smile:


Looking good!


Omg…I love it!


Can I try DAT ride? Since we’re nearby :stuck_out_tongue:


Very cool @deeneendo - I like the coupe - pretty cool looking.


where are you from?

I am SO hoping the car will be ready before the winter sets in, but so many small details still need fixing…

Obviously, with an engine rebuild like this one, I will need at least 1000km of “rodage” before I can take it very far.

But as soon as next spring comes and the salt has been washed from the roads, I will be glad for any excuse to take this little french mamsel on steroids any distance it reasonably takes to make some heads turn and cry out for a look under the skirt, errrrrmmm, sorry rear bonnet. :wink:

I am so excited! The last time I drove that little coupé was 4 years ago and it was in a pitiful state.

The engine has now been rebuilt by a living legend in Simca racing engine preparation, he would kill me if I revealed his name on the internet. He is a real Simcawizard, making these old 80 hp engines with a 6800 rev limit go 140-150 hp @ 9500+ revs without breaking.

French cars have always been a passion of mine and my family and the prospect of owning one of less than 150 cars still on the road with 120+ hp rather than the meager 42 hp engine (which would make the car valuable, but not enjoyable) reminds me of the first time I successfully made a Block Eruptor USB miner produce BTC…


this is the last picture I took of the little Mamsel when it was still able to move itself. Shortly after, it fell asleep for almost 4 years. Although it was already sporting the Rallye 2 Amil 5,5" Alloy wheels at the time, it was in very bad shape engine and drivetrain-wise underneath the bonnet.

So many hours spent finding and restoring parts later and finding someone ironically living so nearby (after I had been looking high and low) who could help me with rebuilding the engine to levels unthinkable of in the heydays of the original Simca Racing Teams…

I am looking forward to showing you some pictures of Miss Simca 1000 Coupé Bertone on Steroids in a few weeks!

And soundfiles of the engine firing up with that original 1968 Abarth exhaust I found at a Classic Car Parts Fair a while ago!

The vendor was shocked when I told him AFTER buying the part that I was going to actually use it on a car rather than display it on my mantlet. So I sold him back the original packaging and stickers that would have burned off anyway for 1/8th of the price, LOL


You should know it told you before. Not far away from LUX City :smile:


right, I remember now. :wink:

Hit me up on facebook if you like!


Done :smiley: