My time with GAW


So lets see how GAW has made me money.

  1. Week 2 GAW hosted bought 3 Furies, I was one of the people who got a lot more hashing than I should of , got 500 MHS for 1 day made a killing
  2. 1 Hour before the $25 or $50 prime issue, I sold an account at an average of $40 per prime.
  3. After the post bought one back at $20 a prime
  4. Used the balance to buy LTC gear and profit
  5. Whilst everyone was watching the Google cast, Josh slipped out and announced the conversion for all Hashlets, I bought multis for $2.80 before people caught up.
  6. When pay base opened I got in quick and got the $20.00 exchange rate
  7. Today I bought XPY for 1 cent and was quick enough to get at least 500 out before they shut
  8. They reopen my XPY balance showed -500 but my BTC balance was there so I withdraw that.

You couldn’t write this as a fairy tale, I must be a unicorn or have one living in my back yard this is the funniest stuff in crypto that I have ever seen, and I have profited all the way.
By the way I think Josh has a massive dislike for me and I have won every time

Edit : changed this to fun corner as you couldn’t write a comedy like this


Well I think they really did a partial rollback or tried to do it and that seems to have failed now they are probably manually rolling back the rollback. So add that after paybase comes back your balance will be 0 again.


Well I am 4 BTC up so I win again, they can cancel the account if they wish or they can have their $169 back as that is what I paid


you know if someone makes a movie about all this one day it will be a hit :slight_smile:


You can play the lead as I would not make a good main man


Nice :+1:
And in some hours they will say hackers manipulated the database to recive cheap xpy’s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


account locked, shadow ban on Hash Talk it say’s it all, They have F###ed up and now are back peddling, they do not have a clue.


I can’t stand HT. Makes me feel like big brother is watching.


My time with GAW started out a cluster****, but they made it right, had some good times, then it all went south. Then end.


Do you know “which” admin shadow banned you? You are supposed to get a PM right?


I would suggest the big man himself, I posted that by reversing transactions may be seen as market manipulation and I am sure that would be in breach of his financial licence, then Poof i was a shadow and all my posts deleted not even I could see them


The only one that can shadoebanned i believe is Josh himself. Most of the time he will not tell you a thing, just ban you


It seems you got lucky many times, but most were not as lucky


I certainly have NOT been lucky over there… :frowning:


I just put together the unicorn references you make :slight_smile:


even with all the funny errors and fckups that GAW had which were “beneficial”, the sad truth is that the only time you really made money was when you sold the account, so your profits came from some other sucker, not from GAW…

the same happened to me, when I realized this, I took the decision to stop supporting that company and I sold all my XPY holdings on cryptsy. I’m not going to dabble with that coin anymore to avoid getting dirt on my karma.

To me, the -500 balance could indicate that they will make claims against you later on, so there might be some drama ahead for you.


I would like to know what claims they could make, they sold a product at a certain price I bought it, really end of story, and considering I am in Australia and they are in America good luck getting an enforceable order, you see our court system would ask GAW 1 question and that would be did your sight allow sales for 1 cent, they would answer yes and our magistrates would laugh them out of court.


I see you’re not the guy to send them BTC or $ just because they send you a threatening email, good on you!


they have truly fcked this one up again, I guess at the speed they are going, GAW is going to fall apart in the next few weeks anyway. Not showing up at BTC Miami has kinda opened eyes for many of the Koolaid-drinkers over at HT, still, not fast enough.


No as I know that I did not manipulate anything, I sent my BTC to an exchange, that exchange sold me paycoin for between 1 cent and 10 cents. I bought via instant buy and the Market.
GAW got my BTC for the instant buy and allowed me to withdraw XPY until their hot wallet ran out of funds. I then went to another exchange which offer me a lot more. It is called trading, and if I do get an email, I will respond by thanking them for their offer but I will decline it. I will be polite about it as well


Nice Job! I got 200 of those dirt cheap coins for between .08 and .25 the other night.