I see y’all fudderized this already… well done.

@imanolov you can’t be half-transparent and ask to trust you on the rest of it.

There is no shame in admitting that you only have 27 TH/s. Everybody needs to start somewhere. You can do even better and show how many contracts you actually sold by posting your sales address.

But even with all that - a website devoid of any business or contact information is too much of a red flag to even consider sending you any coins. Every prospective customer deserves to know where to come to break your legs.

And yeah, 18 month contracts with maintenance cost at a price that’s higher than actual hardware… good luck with that.


Good day.

Even that we are not ready with the mining farm place we are uploding picture proving some of the hardware we own.The mining adress for these machines is - 1AU75WaT3Mzxj6731bgdW6Pa5UAh4zwEhL
And we have some changes in our contracts , they are now lifetime

Best Regards


Hi again everybody.

We are very glad to present you our new service that we offer in our cloud mining.We have Ethereum contracts aveilable now with one of the best prices again , check them out.

If you have any wuestions please ask.

Best Regards
MyCoinCloud Team


Any new pictures of the farm?