MZC trading


Still buying in the dips but looking at this to plateau/go sideways around .00000300 as the momentum is slowing. Hope everyone is having a nice ride & depending on the adoption into retail this month we may be in for another. I am currently buying in blocks & selling with about 5% gains because this is relatively a micro coin & even larger blocks are available for cheap BTC. People who like to trade & are interested in picking up some extra BTC could make small steady gains with MZC still, but the huge ride up from the undervalued price of .00000040 to the peak at .00000500(actual around ~460) isnt going to happen again…at least not without the adoption.
I will be watching & post on this again…i will be keeping some of this coin & will be buying it in the dips. It should have double dips on Monday & will buy them in small blocks with some of my MZC gains against the upcoming news.
I wouldnt buy it currently if you dont like micro trading, holding coins, or high amounts of risk though. It is the type of coin for traders who enjoy the ride right now. & No i dont see it going to its low of .00000040…that was way undervalued(should have been ~100minimum) as the creator & backers of this coin are not highly innovative but very motivated.


I wish I had your insight in markets. I usually am too late or over confident that something is going up or down. And then I lose out on some BTC. I learned that very early already so I try to stay away from trading.


My ‘insights’ mostly come from research & asking others… its comparing all that i know & coming out with the most possible scenario that is the trick. Say i know 5 sources & they are all unconnected…its just connecting the dots.
Plus everything is always speculation with crypto…but this was seriously an undervalued coin, it just needed a little PR & for certain people to meet other people. Then MZC gained the forward momentum all on its own. :wink:
Its also been put into the same ‘genre’ as NVC in the press although they are very different. Both though are considered American coins & backed by the community. The similarities is their overvalued beginning, then both had a dumping down to a low followed by a rather long plateau. Recent news though started the forward momentum of both coins just based on their genre & not a lot on their actual similarity as coins.


O & also (MZC) Maza Coin is the first sovereign crypto currency… with the changing President & administration being pro-currency creation & mining, both of which are positive… i am feeling comfortable holding this coin very long term as it is integrated into the economy through the Lakota Economic Dev. Admin. Might even have to take a trip out to indian country & spend some myself this powwow season. :wink:


I think MZC is SHA-256 and doesn’t perform to bad on coinwarez either… looks at @AnimoEsto :slight_smile:


I always liked the idea behind Mazacoin. I think the Nation having their own currency is awesome. I used to mine Maza when the difficulty was a little lower. I’ll keep my eye on this one. I sometimes go to Rainbow Gatherings and it puts me close to places where I could spend this if I wanted to. Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:


I am just hoping they have at least one taking it at GON, if i am holding i would like to use it then. There are apps. in progress & no reason they couldnt get MZC intergrated into POS use by then.


Aaaah MZC. I haven’t thought about this coin for months! This was the first alt coin I mined. With my bank of Ant Miner U2’s! 12GH/s ftw!

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Might go buy me some more later todady :smile: