Name your top 2 and worse 2 coins for 2015 and Why


Ok lets predict your best 2 coins and worse 2 coins for 2015 and why.

Top 2
BTC - The grand daddy and can’t get any worse
Dark Coin - Will eventually be No 2

Worse 2
LTC - will be worth about the same as Doge
Any scrypt coin as asics have killed scrypt mining
EDIT : I must know also say XPY


That’s easy

Winners in 2015

  • Big Momma BTC is my Girl
  • Blackcoin or Ripple

Losers in 2015

  • Stellar (don’t know what the people want with that
  • Paycoin (it simply isn’t what it wanted to be)
  • Peercoin (I like this coin but staking age and confirmations required to claim a block are ridic)

I’m not sure about LTC. Let’s see about that since LTC us already on the rise again. The dive was heavy and LTC developers and foundation sure aint doing anything for the coin and yes, ASICS are killing scrypt. What the cryptoworld needs is a good, new and dedicated scrypt coin imho.



BTC and LTC :smile:

Proof of Stake


Winner: Btc & Dark coin

Looser : ripple & paycoin