NASCAR Vacation


My summer vacation by InsaneMiner :smile:

Infield is the best place ever


Its all fun and games till someone forgets to make that left turn. :slight_smile:


ah man, you yankees have got some things going for you, but what’s to say against a few nice curves (not talking about the bird in the tight suit)?

All that going round in circles, engines and hearts pumped to the max, waiting for the next massive pile-up and flames and flying body parts must be getting boring!



Nice. Which track is it? Was it one of those “drive 1200 miles to watch someone drive 500 miles” deals?


Chicago land speed way only a couple of hours away. was a first for me and was lots of fun. best part is the drunken debauchery in the evenings after the races.


First in Chicagoland or first race ever? If you haven’t been to Indy go there next year. That place is something else.


first race ever - its tough cause 90% of the office is hard core fans with seasonal prepaid spots at all the big races. usually I am the one holding down the fort while they are off to the races but work load was light this year and was able to go to this one.

not sure I would survive a bigger shindig… need to get into training if i am to have a hope of surviving at Eldora, Bristol, indy or Daytona which are some of the other big ones they always go too


Rumor has it that most people survive those races so your chances are good :smile:


I may have survived but i was wishing i had simple died Sunday night and avoided the price that was required to be paid Monday morning.