Need a Cup of COFFEE


Grab a Cup of COFFEE

Whether its an early morning sitting on the porch reading the latest news or a late night gathering with friends or a crazy night of code… life isn’t complete without coffee. Now you can add coffee to your crypto portfolio and show all your friends how important coffee is to you.

To get your own cup of coffee

For every cup of coffee send 0.00005 BTC to akJyyfMS7bod1V37EbUFp3iDht5UeRkHmXn (You MUST be sending the BTC from a colorcoin wallet. I’d advise you to use your CoinPrism wallet or GetHashing Cloud wallet to purchase your cup of coffee. Remember that there is ALSO a required 0.0001 BTC transaction fee required.

So if you wanted to purchase 10 cups of coffee, you would send 0.0006 btc to akJyyfMS7bod1V37EbUFp3iDht5UeRkHmXn.

Yes, the cups of coffee are dirt cheap. I thought people might love Coffee as much as I do, so I priced each cup at a penny. :slight_smile:

[WTB] Colored Coins/Open assets any/all everything
Community Made Assets (Non-Revenue Generating)

I was making coffee this morning and asked the team if they wanted a cup. @cyberdexter said he wanted one and so I realized the only way I could get him a cup of coffee was on the blockchain. Thus… COFFEE Coin. :slight_smile:


If buyer pays fees you also need to include the 600 satoshis. so 0.000106 needs to be added to the price.

Edit: You got your first sale.


Funny as I was just out for some of the goodness.

the cat loves coffee to, but he is strange and eats everything (vegetables, rubber bands, comet cleaner…)


New favourite thread


Interested in a trade?


Sure, I’m always willing to send some coffee in a trade. My assets address is akHY8jsqhj4ekf4KZcw7vVx2VsWp9GduPPn - send whatever asset/coin you want to trade and I’ll send you some coffee :slight_smile:


Cool. Sent you 1 SPK1 and 1 SPK2.


What’s your asset address?


I’ve sent you 1 GHX :slight_smile:

Please deliver the coffee to:

I’ll take 3 latte with hazlenut syrup, 2 moccachino with extra cream and choc chip on top, 4 double espresso and whatever else the change gets me :stuck_out_tongue:


Would you be interested in another trade? If so then you can have one of these…

My asset address is - akTr2Sm7mfoEre3RYg7bGaaHjAb5dQpwh7L

If you’re interested. I am on the road currently so i will be AFK


Feel free to send me any assets you guys want :wink:



Haha! That would help, wouldn’t it?


@AnimoEsto Nice I want one of these



@Daffy sent :slight_smile:


Thx I send you some back.


You may find something else there as well :wink:


Yeah I saw it. Nice thx


Everyone should have their cups of coffee now. I was at a sailboat/yacht show this morning. Beautiful boats.


That’s so cheating!! POP coins should have to be genuinely claimed through the payout thread (or payout related WTF threads) :slight_smile:

I’ll trade you a cup of coffee for one of your Animo tokens.