Need Bitcoinz!


I’m totally confused with these bitcoin lending sites. I have fantastic reputation and my loans are always paid back on time or early. Yet, when I draft a loan request, they get rejected. I’m not given any information as to the specific reason for the declination, rather a generic letter that covers a bunch of reasons my loan MAY be rejected.

So, I’ll post something on here and see if it sticks:

My wife and I were hit with a tax bill for 2015 and our lovely government decided to start taking deductions a couple months early from our checking account. Not the end of the world, but it put our cash flow into a tizzy. I’m looking for a loan of .5 btc. I’m willing to sign a promissory note and make monthly payments for a few months with a bit of interest.

Many people on the Slack channel have me on Facebook, and I’m not going anywhere. Just need to keep the IRS and the wife happy :slight_smile:

If you’re willing to help, please let me know. I’m sure we can work something out.

Many thanks!