Neteller and CardinalCommerce integrated Bitcoin


Good news for the majority of our non-US members. “Majority” because Neteller previously stopped serving US customers due to legal restrictions related to serving poker / casino operators. However, Neteller has re-entered the US last year and it’s legally serving US customers in the state of Jersey, Nevada and any other state that has pushed their poker legislation in 2014.

Neteller has integrated BTC (deposits) to their eWallet service. I’ve been using Neteller for several years now and it’s a very solid payment processor which has served the major iGaming companies as processor for many years.

In the last 24 hours, two big names in payment processing have decided to join the bitcoin revolution. Both Neteller and CardinalCommerce have come out as bitcoin supporters, and these platforms could allow bitcoin users to gain access to a variety of big-name merchants and service providers. Neteller is possibly best described as a PayPal alternative, while CardinalCommerce is a secure payments platform with a focus on proper authentication and unique payment options.

Neteller accepts bitcoin deposits

Neteller Bitcoin Debit CardAlthough it doesn’t seem as if Neteller wanted it to become big news quite yet, a Redditor noticed that bitcoin had been added as a deposit option for the e-money wallet last night. Neteller is a well-known payments option for the online gaming industry, and their bitcoin integration could give poker players and gamblers the ability to make deposits to online sportsbooks, casinos, and poker rooms with lower fees.

Neteller also offers a debit card that can be attached to a user’s account, but the ability to use this as a bitcoin debit card seems to be limited to $650 at this time. Also, US customers are not able to use the digital currency for deposits. Neteller is expected to release more information related to their adoption of bitcoin in the coming days. The online payments provider has partnered with BitPay for their bitcoin integration.


Shameless plug. I’ve got an affiliate account with Neteller. So in case one of you signs up for Neteller, shoot me a PM for the link :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a neteller account but haven’t used it in years. May dig it out again now , thanks for the heads-up :slight_smile:


I haven’t used mine in a while either but the news is a good reason to get back on it. Just tried a test depo earlier but got an error message that BTC deposits are currently not possible, please try later again. :slight_smile: