Networks I have known and not loved


The above were a selection of switch cabinets in the hospital i used to work in a few years ago.

This was a top 3 hospital that only upgraded last year,


Hmmm… not very much to see there.


You’re right…and sadly these are not the best/worst, so, a little context…
there were 63 cabs all of a similar nature, many with insufficient aircon and many attached to organ monitoring systems.

We used to spend 10’s of thousands a year sending our network team on training and this was their end result…

It the grand scheme of things it was a worrying scenario seeing behind the scenes. Its a lot better now since the upgrade.


That is not what I meant this is what I see.

This was how a Network engineer “dealt” with cables he couldn’t identify a further use for…
in a hospital


nope still see not exist… that or we are all messing with you but how would you ever know?


LOL indeed!! But now I can see the place markers and no image, all very odd :stuck_out_tongue: