NEUCoin... sound familiar?


Jesus Fuck1ng Chr1st. The nightmare is going to perpetuate isn’t it? See - this is what happens when the alphabets take their sweet time injoining Homoro Guano:

Read the white paper, I double-dare you.

Better keep this away from HT’ers eyes before they dump whatever they have left of their current scam for this one. I can see it now, “But, but UMMJackson, the DOGE creator is an advisor! That coin is sooooo cute - that guy couldn’t possibly have tied himself to a scam! Edith! Get the cows ready for market and call the financial advisor to liquidate our assets! Daddy needs BTC to buy this NEUCoin stuff! TO THE MOON!” --singed, Rando HashTalker

[SCAM] GAWMiners, Paybase, ZenCloud

I thought Jackson was taking time away from crypto. Don’t think he’s an advisory anymore, lol.


My stomach just flipped.
If that’s not JG it is a copy cat wanna’ be (which could potentially be just as bad or worse!)


I’m already all over it. They have a survey on the main page - and they are asking the same kind of questions Garbanzo bean asked all of his ‘consultants’ - this is creepy how close this is to Garza’s fraud.


WTF 100 million pre-mine?



Look at this!

And this…

And this…

And finally this…


Why does anyone try to make a new coin and have it try to sound legit? There is a coin for every cause and five for every algo and ten for every “fastest transactions” and 100 for every “innovative features.” Just be honest nowadays. Say “This is how I’ll make money but this is also how everyone else is going to make money. We are are not a unique snowflake.”

I need to make a coin called Not A Unique Snowflake. Direct Bitcoin clone but 10,000 premine for my amusement. Then everyone can use those old obsolete miners to mine and watch the difficulty go crazy. No development team. No promo team. No business. I just copy Bitcoin.




I read it a month ago and thought it was ■■■■.
I still think it is and I hate how its half a page of (BECAUSE POS IS BETTER THAN POW).

Well if JG can get away and force 12mil, then why not go for the moon?

Because men like to believe that their idea is the best and it should be separated as such?
I have somewhat the same opinion.
Have a great idea or feature for a coin?
Then talk to the BTC core team and help them put it in BTC instead of making your own, which will probably fail.


Associated with 568 other domains!


Correct. These guys have been looking for a scheme for quite some time.


Yech. It even reads like Paycoin whitepaper.

Translation: We give the coins to our friends, and people that stroke our egos.

Guys, guys! Basic PoS is new and innovative! It totally hasn’t been around for years!

2 pages of names at the end of the paper, but only one “coin creator”?

About every third sentence screams “scam” to me. I can’t wait to watch this one go down in flames.


I’m in for Twenny Dollah of Neucoin!

I will go borrow a tenth of a Bitcoin on that Lender Coin [they promise they are not a sh!tcoin] site and I will pay them back in Neucoin!

Gimme Gimme Gimme!!!

Have a hearty Har Har on me!




The NeuCoin foundations are funded by a 2.5 billion coin pre-mine and $2.25 million of pre-launch funding, and are controlled by coin holders (1 coin = 1 vote).

I LOL’ed aaand RIP coin.

Not to sure if this is necessarily a Ganza production. Could just be a ziftr fork. The website sure looks like it but I honestly can’t be bothered wasting my time on reading into scam coins any more. I’ll check out the WP if I get bored for a moment but from your posts, screenshots and after taking a quick look at the website…

thanks, but no thanks.

Sounds like a plan, do it!

I just copy Bitcoin.

Even better! You’re number #19,237,875 to copy Bitcoin :slight_smile:


I was saying in the slack chat that it seems like they want to pull a Garza (gonna trademark that phrase)


I’m guessing that regardless of the success of their pre-scam sale today, the results are going to be reported as ‘incredible’ and ‘the fastest sell-out ever for an ICO’ only to have this sh1t hit the exchanges sometime soon and tank just like PayShit did.



  1. Failed launch
  2. ‘Legal advised us to wait…’

I’m at my wits end thinking that Guano the Fool is behind this as his Super Cereal new project. Perhaps it’s only a matter of time now until he has to blow his own horn and reveal his involvement…


It should be simple enough to contact their stated “partners” and participants to verify their involvement.

Of course, no one lies in a whitepaper, though.


This was a snap from a survey they had up about a month ago which since has been removed. I found it intriguing they mentioned XPY.


In fairness it was high on the charts for a short period :laughing: