New Antiminer s4+ for sale at Bitmain 2570GH/s 0.58J/GH


The title says it all!


  1. Hash Rate: 2570GH ±5%

  2. Power Consumption: 1480W (at the wall)

  3. Power Efficiency: 0.58J/GH (at the wall)

  4. Chip Quantity per unit: 204 x BM1382

  5. Chip process: 28nm

  6. Quantity of hash boards: 4

  7. Hash board structure: String design

  8. PSU built-in: 1600W (205V - 264V AC)

  9. LCD: not included

  10. Buzzer: not included

  11. Dimensions: 432mm442mm133mm

  12. Certified By: FCC / CE

  13. Network Connection: Ethernet

The S4+ retains the same dimensions as the original S4, in a rack-mountable 3U sized case.

Please note:

  1. The included PSU cannot be used in countries with a mains power voltage lower than 205V. The PSU will not start below this voltage.

  2. The PSU is designed by Bitmain. The headache around the S4 PSU will not happen again.

  3. Please prepare the power cord by yourself.

  4. Please be aware this mining rig is very noisy(70 dB) .

  5. The product is new from the factory, but due to testing periods and the unstable air quality around the factory, there may be dust on machine when you receive it.

EDIT: Link to product page


Personally I prefer the S5 over the S4+ or I would wait for the S6 (or S7) line.


booo! hiss!

Seriously though, what’s the point? The power efficiency of an S4, limited in terms of re-sale because it requires industrial power, and costs about as much as a few s5’s for similar hashrate.

All in all, I give it 4/10 stars, and that’s only because it’s a better option for the rack and stack DC owner. Even there I don’t see much advantage at that price point.


Work performance, space usage, internal PSU, Rack Mounting.


Well the s4 has an internal PSU, it just doesn’t have a good track record.

I acknowledged the points, but I still think it’s a bit below what I would expect from the upgrade. The only major up-sell seems to be that the PSU has been completely overhauled.

In other words, I understand the need for the S2/S4 form factor, the S4+ just doesn’t seem like much of an upgrade. Purchasing new units at this power efficiency seems like shooting yourself in the foot a bit.


946 USD, seriously ?


S5 + PSU = ~440 before shipping.($0.38/gh)

S4+ = 946 Before shipping ($0.368/gh)


Still…People sell used S4 at 500 USD or less ( or even GAWminers ) average or even a deal I missed from Madmac that was selling his S4 for 350-375 USD…


S5 + PSU = ~440 before shipping.($0.38/gh)

x2 = $880 and 2,310 GH/s

S4+ = 946 Before shipping ($0.368/gh)

2,570 GH/s with a minor reduction in power consumption and running at 70 dB?


Probably can do what you did wit h the S4 and low fan mod it.


Yes, but you’re also taking upmore space,more ethernet connections, and more points of failure


Probably can do what you did wit h the S4 and low fan mod it.

I bet you can at an extra expense. With new hardware being anticipated to hit the market in June and July I would consider twice before buying the S4+ especially for home mining.

Yes, but you’re also taking upmore space,more ethernet connections, and more points of failure

True. I guess there is pros and cons to either one. I’m not sure what to make of it. Mostly because the summer is just around the corner so I really don’t see much of a point in the S4+


The S4+ uses the older chips. It’s too bad.


Am I the only one who thought Note # 5 was funny?


Just my 2 cents here. the .58w/ghs power vs s4’s .70w/ghs not what I’d call minor.
That being said .51w/ghs of s5 is better.
Now s5 price + psu (+shipping on psu)
vs price of s4+ (on s5 and s4+ if from bitmain shipping is included)

The psu problems of s4’s would be gone as 220v power would halve the amps, which puts less heat on the cord going in, and probably some other parts before turning it into 12v dc, less strain. less “loss of the magic smoke” as a friend put it (blowing a cap… obviously it runs on magic smoke because if you let the smoke escape, it doesn’t run anymore.) :smile:

220v for the home… damn, you either run it yourself or bounce it from the dryer, and hang your clothes on a line. hehe. Personally, I have a friggin’ industrial heater in my house which after the first electric bill I won’t be turning on again unless the next ice age comes on. I “could” run the lines that go to that to a breaker and split it up to run multiple s4+'s BUT as others have said, it’s not exactly a deal at that price.
Currently if you UNDERvolt/clock an s4 you can cut the heat, and get better power usage… not .58w/ghs, but hey, if you bought it cheap enough… (I did NOT, sadly, they were still running a grand when I got mine, and went on crazy sales by the time it got here) Hehe.

My advice, like everyone else, is wait… UNLESS this thing fits your needs/capabilities. I mean it DOES comes with a 1600w psu, damn. I’ve been contemplating switing over to 220v, but I’d prefer a much lower price before picking up one of these, and by then they should have something akin to an s6 out.


That’s fair, the power usage is better than the other unit. I just was expecting s5 chips in the next iteration. It’s certainly an improvement, just not as much of one as I was expecting :slight_smile:

I wonder how much of that improvement just came from the power supply though. Rating it at 200+ Volts is a good way to increase efficiency right off the bat. Maybe the s4+ is the board re-design for the rack mount BM1384 miner, but they couldn’t meet the production demand or something.


sounds like they are emptying their stock of old chips before releasing the next generation.

Not sure if this will still be a good deal, once those S6 hit the streets…


I wish Bitmain will release next gen miner in the 500-800W range or less like the S5 / S3+.
Easier to manage power load around the house.

Bitmain need more Quality Inspection / testing too … I got cold solder problems on my S5.
2 ASIC missing in chain 1. I swapped board, cables, controller ports … Pressing on the chips solve the issues.
I contacted support, I was under 90days warranty, but I voided it by running my miner at 375Mhz instead of 350Mhz.

Nice getaway to screw customer over production problem.
Big player have better service than little fish :fish:
Tips : if support ask you for screenshot, make sure you’re running at default speed before sending.

S4 Power supply issue was simple : 100% loading without any room for peak / spike.
S4+ P/S is loaded at 92.5%. Better but still not comfy enough for me.

I supply my S5 with a 1KW EVGA G2. 70% Load. No problem at all.

Holding my BTC for now.


At $230 / BTC that sounds like a plan :wink: