New Big Boy in BTC mining


Looks like someone new is coming online. has pulled down more blocks today than any of the pools. They must have a serious amount of hash-power, whoever they are.

Mintsy - Update: Not Paying on Mining Contracts

im not telling you anything… yet


Well that’s rude


Yes, yes it is.


Do you know anyone who will? What about the muffin man?


Looks like it’s from a data-center in Germany, whoever is behind it.


Hetzner rocks :wink:


I’ve got 80 s5s coming that will be online soon ™…
That said its still a work in progress :smile:

Likely peanuts compared to whatever that is you mention in the OP!


80 s5s? wow. Is that in your house? :laughing:


Its the dkim email cracking ground


That would blow up my house! (Wiring from the 1950s…)

I got a good deal on a spot for them though.
It helps to have friends in comercial real estate and warehouse space too small for any other application :+1:


Someone needs to make a DKIM coin.


open up that cloud for investments, we’ll fill the space :-p


Very nice!! Congratulations :slight_smile:


It’s all mine :smile:
I’ve got to make up for lost time from all these GAW antics…

I could have bought 3 times that hash power back in October and been a month or two off getting my ROI back by now.

You live and learn I guess :money_with_wings:


Based in Australia I think, DC in germany? I don’t know.


We’re in for a hard correction if this block rate keeps up.


Well Cryptsy has been announcing their coming for a bit now so I wouldn’t be surprised if it were them.


Why not disclose your IPs to blockchain tho?


just got the beta invite this morning. Looks good.

Just found the stats page

1.6 Ph/s