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Hey Guys. I just wanted to announce my pool(s). I currently do not have anything fancy like single sign on(although I am working on it) but I have started a new site for predominantly new coins, but I am not opposed to hosting pools for other alts that have promise. The one caveat I have is that I do not want to compete with GHPools, so if they have the coin, I will most likely not.

If you have any coin that you would like to mine that has not been represented, please post in this thread and I will consider (most likely adopt) adding the coin to my pool.

I would like this pool to take off, but if it does not and is simply a site that helps the GH community mine Alts that they like then I would consider it a success. It will never have more than a 1% fee and will sometimes have no fee (like it currently does for LiteDoge).

Once again, this pool is for everyone, but will be predominately driven by new coins as well as what this community wants to mine. I am not looking to profit from the pool and am only looking to recoup my server costs. However since I paid in advance, I am already writing it off as a loss and considering it a tool for the GH community more than anything else.

The pools that are currently set up are:
LiteDoge (Until the POW ends + time to retrieve coins left at the pool):

I will update this thread as I add more pools to the site and when I get single sign-on/pre-registration working.

Edit: added hyperlinks to the pools


Very nice! Which coins are you currently mining on Wildbeastbitcoin?


I’m currently mining iCoin because I only have 2 Bilzzards and since no one else is hashing at any of my pools right now, it’s the only coin that I can have any chance of solo mining with them.

When I rent though, I have been mining all 3 of the coins. The last one I was mining was LiteDoge. I still have some hash rented, but not enough to solo, so I am hashing LiteDoge on another pool right now.


I just added a Scrypt Unattainum V2 Pool to my site: It is a multi-algo coin that just got an update. More info here if anyone is interested:

If anyone wants to mine a specific coin that they can’t on GHPool, let me know and I will most likely set up a pool for it.


Boooo, share the full story on here! :slight_smile:


I didn’t think that regurgitating the coin ann here would do anything but muck up the forum, but I do now have all of the ANN info on the home page for each pool.

I have also added CyberCoin (3 day scrypt mining / hybrid of regular vPOS and regular POS).

This pool currently has 0% fee and will continue to be that way for at least the next 12 hours, which will have been the first 24 hours of mining. If you mine with me and post your login name here or via a chat, I will keep you at 0% fees throughout the mining phase.

Pool is at

There is also a simplistic landing page with all of the pool information at the main site: