New Pools Added



We have added the following Mining Pools to the public pool (

Mazacoin - MZC
Titcoin - TIT
Takcoin - TAK
Myriadcoin - MYR


Thanks @AnimoEsto!


I have had to block an IP Address in the Range due to continual malformed packets being sent and crashing the daemon.


are scrypt coins allowed, or is this only sha256?


We can add pretty much any scrypt coin if there is a demand for it from our members (if we get power pointed). Which ones did you have in mind?


I would throw some TH over here how about HamRadioCoin?


You guys should tag and tag and tag @AnimoEsto. He’ll sort you out :slight_smile:


HAMRadioCoin has been added to GHpool.

  • Algorithm: SHA-256
  • Username: your hamradiocoin wallet address
  • Password: x or anything
  • Port for vardiff 32-2048: stratum+tcp://
  • Port for vardiff 2048-8192: stratum+tcp://

@Dave_Wills get hashing :wink:


I already started, where have you been? lol :sunglasses:


Where is this server located US? EU?


The pool server is located in the EU.


@Dave_Wills - we are contemplating a US based server, is this something you may be interested in?


We are?


Yes but since most of our traffic comes from the EU so far, I havent bothered.


No I can get hash power from multiple places so it’s no big deal, I was just wondering. :smile: