New trending Shows a Dramatic Rise in U.S. Freelance Workers


A small article on CNBC (U.S.) on the rise in freelance workers across the country. Interesting part of this small article is the percentage of freelance workers in the U.S. at over 30%. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, it is extremely difficult to quantify the size of this group for statistical purposes, as many are both traditionally employed while also working independently for other companies.


This is a new business organization that is focusing on the rising trend in BPO (outsourcing) to freelance subject matter experts.


Checking this site with Alexa and the number of hours companies/freelances were booked, it is certainly the “go-to” place for employers looking to hire freelances around the world.


I wanted to go freelance after I retired, wife said no.


Thanks for the insight. I do work a regular 40 hr/week job but I am always open to new freelance jobs and I will give elance a look.


I believe you are thinking “commando,” something totally different. LMAO

My pleasure. Believe it or not, upon some more serious searching, there really are not that many of these sites out there, at least not that are also supported by heavy traffic, per Alexa. :smiley:


I looked at a few years ago but found it too hard to compete with freelancers/companies quoting pennies to do the work with a few hours effort…


I saw a highly moronic listing on one website where an obvious small business owner was willing to pay someone $4 to $10 per hour to do telemarketing. I thought “wow, this person is a cheap-ass and would love to run afoul of U.S. laws.” Whether a freelancer or not, companies/individuals are still required to pay at least minimum wage to people whether 1099 contractors or straight employees.


I remember I was looking at some web dev work and these people were quoting $50-$100 to develop sites with a turn around of only a few hours.


Well, soon these people will be without a position or job as this company comes online “soon.”


Yes, some people… I don’t know how they can charge so little.

Another bit of info I didn’t know. Will keep that in mind next time I am looking to bid on jobs.

Glad I took Web AND Graphic Design courses LOL.


Because they are not creating from scratch. They have a substantial existing portfolio of other websites they have created. They just change things around a bit, with new application specific pictures and such, then send it back to the client.

In the past few years there have been several lawsuits where sub-contractors were conducting work and were ending up with less than state minimum wages. Each of the lawsuits I have seen resulted in the sub-contractor receiving judgments in their favor based on minimum wage laws.


Wow, very interesting! Thanks for sharing this.

I think some of these people are from countries with very cheap labour. Also, $50-$100 AUD/US might be a lot to them when converted to their own currencies?


Yeah, India actually. I had a lot of printing done there, in the past. Everything is so much cheaper, even with the long-distance shipping.